40 thoughts on “Honda NC700X Owners Evaluation

  1. this is the bike that I need but i cannot afford it as of now. Maybe the 2020 model. ?

  2. DCT would be my choice for this unit…low rev limit will keep you short shifting and busy unnecessarilly.

  3. Man I was totally hooked on the 700 gs, you kind of convinced me otherwise.
    Wheels are small too, are they cheaper to replace as well?
    Btw according to fuelly, bike does about 60 mpg not 80 as you said in the video : ) Dunno about 2013 tho

  4. The only thing I can think of that I really wish it had was a belt instead of a chain. Damn, I REALLY want this thing. Can't afford it yet and afraid I'll drop it though. Pretty new to motorcycles as I've been using a helix forever

  5. Best review I've ever seen in a while I'm thinking about getting this as my first bike and everything you said makes me want the bike more and more. Thanks finally ending my search. 

  6. Eric,

    Are the pannier's and top box from the 'Adventure shop' you visited in Essex? What make are they please, it was difficult to see when paused. Atb Alan :)

  7. Man, I want this bike so much!! Fell in love with it the moment I saw it, not even passed my test yet, but after looking at every bike I'd be able to ride on A2, even those that need to be restricted, this one is by far the one I want. Great video, what's the acceleration like? Obviously I'm not expecting anything mind blowing but I'd hate for it to feel as though it was lacking, like a couple of people have mentioned with other Honda tourers such as the CB500x

  8. Eric, I wish to thank you and other motorbike Vlogers for giving me the confidence to get back in the saddle. I had a bad accident when I was 19 on my brand new NS125 when I was the victim of a hit and run. I'm 45 now and I can drive everything on the British roads but never had the balls to get back on a bike. Your vlog and others has whetted my appetite to be on two wheels again. As my mate said to me today, "you'll be the Swiss Army knife of transport".

  9. I ve got nc750s with dct in red colour and it Has gear indicator and some other slightly changes. Dont hesitate when you are looking for decent bike.

  10. Yamaha FZ-09 vs. Honda NC700X. Basically Power & Torque vs. Storage & MPG. Kind of a toss up for me because I like both and it's hard to find a bike with both for around $8,000.

  11. Doing my CBT this year and hopefully getting this amazing bike next year 😀 amazing review btw

  12. Honestly mate, cracking review. You've bloody sold this bike to me 😀

    I'll (hopefully) be getting my A2 license in just over a year. I've already got a DRZ400S that I've modified to be a bit better offroad, so I'll probably carry on using it for that once I've bought this bike.

    How's the seat on long distance trips?

  13. Excellent review, seems like a great bike. I've got my sights on a used one after I'm done at the uni ;)

  14. Yeah I think Steve Smith is missing the point a bit, the versys doesn't do 80.7 miles to the gallon and have a top box built in

  15. Nice review! I love the storage box and that it gets such fantastic mileage, but would like it even more if it was shaft-drive and didn't have the rev limiter.

  16. Speak up! Thank for sharing though, as all those who say this is not a motorcycle but a glorified scooter, to me scooters are motorcycles as well, I'd even allow my wife's MP3LT to come under that heading too even though it's classed as trike. In the end we're all on the same road, and all treated as second class citizens by some and not even all of those on four wheels or more. Yes, I'm talking to you power rangers and weekend warriors.

  17. You're pretty enthusiastic about that bike. I have one since June 2013, with DCT, red color, my first motorbike at 49. Totally happy with it 9500 km in 7 months. Not a single day I regretted to have bought it, even not the day it fell on my foot and gave me 6 weeks extra holidays. The bike was not damaged at all and my foot has healed in between. Cheers from Alsace, France, Christian.

  18. Hi Eric, nice review as usual. I test drived the nc750x yesterday, same bike in my opinion but the gear ratios are even taller so you don't hit the rev limiter by accident anymore. 
    Time to make a decision, for travelling what would you chose? A brand new nc750x or a used 07r1200gs? Thanks by advance for your answer.

  19. I don't really like these bikes, and haven't been consider them for my first big bike after ive done my A2 this month. But after seeing the storage and how the seat lifts up to access the fuel tap, i was mind blown. haha

  20. I just bought a dct model… Pretty happy so far, my helmet don't fit though 🙁 but I have a large full face helmet.

  21. Nice review Eric. I bought a demo with 1k and less than 5 grand. Farkled up for touring cost lest than a grand, great bike had mine down to Morocco and back to Scotland never missed a beat and still got 5mm on the back tyre,does everything my previous bigger bikes have done at half the cost. Well done Honda for seeing the writing on the wall

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