Hotel Review – Trouble at the Days Inn Norfolk Airport

As a former Hampton Inn, this property (now flagged as a Days Inn) certainly has potential. But unfortunately they’re failing at the basics. And by basics, I’m talking about vacuuming, cleaning up the last guest’s garbage… you get the idea. There’s just no excuse for these types of problems at any price point. They certainly gave me no shortage of things to talk about. It’s usually a bad sign when it takes me over 10 minutes to trudge through a room tour, though it tends to make for an entertaining video 🙂

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40 thoughts on “Hotel Review – Trouble at the Days Inn Norfolk Airport

  1. I actually think this hotel used to be a Ramada because on Google maps if you go back to 2007 on the street view, the location was a Ramada.

  2. Hey I think you should check out Dan Bell's series Another Dirty Room. Only 2 episodes so far but I think you might enjoy it since you do hotel reviews

  3. Vacuuming a room and cleaning out fridge are very basic housekeeping tasks. Should never be overlooked. That room is unacceptable.

  4. This hotel makes my place of work like a 5* hotel!  Lol,, I started my hotel career working as FD at a days inn.  I was doing FD, but when emergency strikes then I was maintenance and security! I can honestly say I got a good experience at all the bad stuff that happens at hotels while working at the days inn.  Every hotel chain has the bad ones, however some are worse 😉 @the elevator channel — you are the worse nightmare for all hoteliers ! The type of guest that do not call the front desk to report the issue and get it fix, but wait and complaint later.  Suggestion: let staff know about the issues you have.  You will see if they are willing to help you better the situation, but if they fail…then do what you have to do.

  5. This looks like an upgrade compared to the one I stayed in when I was a teen. I was with my cheerleading squad and my coach got her purse stolen within 5 minutes of checking in! The room was really bad and the hotel had a lot of rats and other rodents running around.

  6. OMG, you seem to have the worst luck with motels in Norfolk. (This dive, the hairy bed at the Magnuson, the Howard Johnson from hell.) What's next, is dracula going to be in the shower in your room at the next place?…

  7. Every time you angled the camera down I spotted another speck of crap on the carpet. Also, that bathroom is straight out of a "Saw" movie…

  8. Given your recent luck, or lack there of, with these budget hotels, my first thought is to suggest grabbing something a little nicer next time. However, the entertainment value of these reviews is too great for me to suggest such a thing! I may have asked this in the past but do you post these on TripAdvisor? The hotels really pay attention to TripAdvisor, and you'd save a lot of people from this place. Generally you'll receive some compensation in the form of points too, if you request it. Hilton has tossed me something like 40,000 points over the last couple years for much lessor issues than you experienced here.

  9. I have seen a lot of exterior Hampton Inns turned sold off to other chains. Is Hilton trying to get the Hampton line out of the exterior business? I suppose I see why, but at the same time, I am sure they can get similar business even with exterior hotels. The parade of signs is obviously not supposed to be arranged like that (the "Forgot Something" sign should be by the sink, the "No Smoking" sign is usually by the TV, etc.) but I guess the owner didn't want it that way. I'm sure Corporate will never combine any of those signs because they know that the franchisee will have to buy six packages of signs, and if they combine them, it is less money to be made.

  10. What do you expect for a Days Inn!?!? Days Inn, Super 8, Econo Lodge, Rodeway Inn, Travelodge, Quality Inn, America's Best Value Inn, Motel 6, and Red Carpet Inn are BY FAR THE WORST HOTEL CHAINS EVER!!!!! I honestly think that unless they start renovating all of these properties listed (which according to a friend I Skype they will), they all need to shut down. Wyndham seriously needs to get rid of the Days Inn Chain along with Super 8. I've stayed in many Nice Wyndham Hotel which were Wyndham Timeshare Resorts, Wyndham Grand and Grand Collection, Baymont Inn, Ramada and a Howard Johnson which were all very nice and had no problem with them. Wyndham is a good company, but Super 8 and Days Inn are ruining Wyndham's reputation. Unlike others Wyndham Hotel, and other companies like Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, etc. Wyndham doesn't allow standards for their Days Inn hotels, they just are independent motels that Wyndham will let have the Days Inn name on and put it on their site and not require them to be good or bad, which is why some are actually fairly decent and some are awful. They are very unpredictable…

  11. That's Days Inn for you.  Some are pristine and some are so disgusting that it makes you wonder how the city's health department let them continue to operate.  It's a real coin flip with this brand, no true consistency.

  12. you can ask them to move the curtain rail. bedspread is also very decorative. some fridges double as a minibar. they want you see your clothing in the morning. that bathroom is a wreck.

  13. Lol, ive never come across a hotel like this here, but then again I only ever really stay in one chain. In the UK we have a big budget hotel chain called Premier Inn. I can honestly say that after staying at probably 15-20 different locations of there hotels that theyre really great. Worst things ive found were some tiny bits of mould, and a couple broken light bulbs. All rooms are stocked with the same furniture. so no issues with dated stuff, all beds are white, everything in them is just in great condition. If you ever need a budget hotel in the UK there's a recommendation for you!

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