How does Overwatch participate in on consoles? (PS4/Xbox 1 Gameplay & Comparison)

We like Overwatch, butt how does it appear/participate in on the consoles? Consider a appear at the to start with gameplay from the PS4 and Xbox 1 versions.

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23 thoughts on “How does Overwatch participate in on consoles? (PS4/Xbox 1 Gameplay & Comparison)

  1. jeff has said he doesnt do release dates because people will get mad if they have to push it back or whatever, which can happen, you guys wouldnt know cause you dont know how game development works, you simply play what they create so give them a break.

  2. Enjoying this game alot more on PS4. No toxic chat etc, and its just more chill, not so bloody hardcore either.

  3. You can't even flick or do quick 180's with the console. What do you do when a genji or tracer gets right behind you (or 90% of the characters) and you turn around in so motion with a shitty console LUL. PC has to be better in every way, its not even fair I feel bad for console people.

  4. Widowmaker is worthless on consoles. It's nearly impossible to hit any moving targets at all, let alone get headshots for one-shot kills.

  5. You know what would be cool… if Microsoft and Sony could make Mouse and keyboard for consoles as well 3:

  6. So I pre-ordered Overwatch for the Xboner a while back and have not been able to play it sine my Xboner is in storage due to looking for a house to live in. We've been offered a house, and will be moving there in two weeks.
    Are you telling me I wasted money on a game that I was excited to play that doesn't function well with controllers?

  7. Is it only me that doesn't understands the "speaking" system? Like some people say you will have to press a button and hold it while speaking and then let go… Could you make a video on this please?

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