How To Clear away Lousy Critiques on Google Locations (Google Maps) | Upfront Consultants | This evaluation is a simple outline on how another person may go about getting rid of negative evaluations on Google Locations (Google Maps).

11 thoughts on “How To Clear away Lousy Critiques on Google Locations (Google Maps) | Upfront Consultants

  1. to remove google reviews you may contact the skype id technicalhelpdesk9 or whatsapp +918285836332,,,it worked for me

  2. Good video. the new Google dashboard setup is different now and the option to remove Google maps from my business doesn't work? help

  3. We already know reviews are only what they want us to see of their business. I am still disgusted though. I spit on the businesses who do this.

  4. How was a customer able to post photos on my Google Places.  Also on the map it shows a pin at our location and a poor comment under my name. How can I remove this?  I understand how reviews work but how can people other the our webmaster make changes to our account?

  5. I had to stop watching halfway through.. the way you mumble to yourself and then SUDDENLY RAISE YOUR VOICE is extremely frustrating. You need to work on that.

  6. Thanks Adam. Your video was clear and helpful. The most annoying thing about Google places reviews is that anonymous comments from competitors are so easy to post and so difficult to remove. I'm concerned about the hacker code that points to the worst review. I've used the legal complaint option: fingers crossed, still awaiting response from Google.

  7. Wow I did not know about the legal review. I tried it and it actually worked to remove my bad Google reviews, thanks!

  8. Thanks for the info. The bad review can stay there, not a problem. The background of the location when hovering the mouse is the problem. It’s a javascript code done by a hacker that points to the worst review. That is what I need help with removing. Contacted google and see what they are going to do about it. It does not show on IE or Firefox.

  9. Wow! This video on removing bad reviews on google places was incredibly helpful. You really seem to know your stuff when it comes to SEO and online Marketing. Thanks!

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