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Automobile Engineer Jake Fisher demonstrates what to do if your motor vehicle accelerates out of control. Find out much more about motor vehicle security on our internet internet site and trucks/security-recalls/index.htm?EXTKEY=I93YT01&CMP=OTC-YUTBE Examine out for further assessments, guidelines, and tips. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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27 thoughts on “How to End Your Car For the duration of Unexpected Acceleration | Buyer Experiences

  1. Stupid montero sport owners specially who experienced SUA. Watch this damn video!

  2. Thats a huge issue with modern cars. When something goes wrong half the time the driver cant stop the car because its too "complicated" when in reality if you actually look through the owners manual when you first get the car, you'll have a fix in there. Like the Push Start issue. If you had read the manual, or at least skimmed through the important parts, you would have known it takes a few seconds of pressing ot to turn it off. Its funny how he looks so disgusted with the idea of reading the owners manual too lol. Theres actually some really useful info in there sometimes

  3. Apply the brake hard enough to stop the vehicle as you put in neutral. DO NOT SHUT OFF THE ENGINE. Oftentimes, you have enough time to watch and scream, you have enough reactive time to brake and put the shift lever in neutral at the same time. Steer the vehicle safely. Everyday, you have reacted many times faster while driving normally than the sudden acceleration incident. It's the inattention and confusion that causes the crash. On most cars, there're only two choices, (A) accelerator and (B) brake (C for clutch). If you get confused out of those two, "A" or "B", you need serious training and practice in driving. You put a lot of lives and property at risk by your easily confused mind. "Sudden acceleration" alibi are used by drunks, drug addicts, sick people, unskilled drivers and careless drivers as excuse from prosecution. 
    Don't put the blame solely on the vehicle. 
    It's the same with pants' zipper. Pants manufacturers doesn't put instruction on what to do when you get your skin caught by the zipper, but you use common sense when it happens.

  4. It happened to me, ( turned out it was the floor mat causing it) was in our old Astro Van ( about 13 years old at the time) and it happened getting on the freeway and it took a few minutes to realize the problem but I was on a straight part of the hwy and didn't want to mess around, my Son was in his car seat behind me so I did what he said not to do, and it worked, I put it in neutral and got on the wide shoulder and held the steering wheel straight and turned the car off, while putting on the brakes. It came to a nice stop and because of the way I held the steering wheel it didn't lock up. I figured out the floor mat problem when restarting it. Scary thing to have happen to you

  5. I have this custom just put it in neutral every time before I come to a red light. Will it do any damage to my mechanism at all?

  6. 1: Push the clutch pedal and brake pedal at the same time.
    2: Shift to neutral.
    3: Guide the car to the nearest breakdown lane.
    4: Switch off ignition and set the parking brake.
    No clutch pedal? Your car is lacking an essential piece of safety equipment and is not safe for operation on any road, public or private.

  7. Having a car with push button start and stop just freaked the hell out of me. Must try holding down for 3 seconds and seeing if it works. 

  8. It amazes me this happens to people. There are so many things you can do to stop a run away car.

    #1 – Switch ignition off
    #2 – Hold the Brake
    #3 – Depress/Pull the emergency brake
    #4 – Throw it into park (who cares if it blows the transmission this your life were talking about)

    Right there is four solid things you can do to stop a car with unintended acceleration. 

    I agree with Yucannt Hahvitt, If you really don't have this basic driving knowledge than you really shouldn't have a drivers license. 

  9. Anyone who needs a video to tell them this should NOT have a driving license. How do you even get a license with such a terrible lack of basic driving skills and knowledge? It's insane!

  10. Don't buy a car with out an ignition key and neutral.  If you need a push button to start your car, you are really lazy.  

  11. The problem becomes more acute on the latest drive-by-wire fully electronic vehicles: no ignition key, no mechanical lever to put back in neutral. Pressing the start/stop button for X seconds could malfunction as part of the software glitch or eventual interference as well. In such a situation VW-Audi's approach seems to be the safest of all. I hope BMW's full electronic cars display a similar system.

  12. wtf, if you pump you lose power brakes? You know thats why i love my old cars. Just an engine, no computer crap. Less things to go wrong. 

  13. This guy is wrong .. When pressing on breaks while the car going so fast which is on 5 gear or 6 in some cars .. The transmission starts to go down shifting automatically to help the break to stop the car 

  14. During Sudden Acceleration, does gear shifting to neutral is work?

    then why people facing Sudden Acceleration doesn't shift gear to neutral?

  15. It's really sad that people have died from this sort of thing just because they didn't think to put their car in neutral. It's not even that hard! This sort of thing has happened to me before, you just have to think and not freak out. People die from this because they freak out and all logic is thrown out the window. Survival of the fittest (or smartest) I guess.

  16. Thanks for the information. I'm in an unusual situation where the only vehicles I have owned are manual transmission rigs, so I would just hit the clutch; however, most own automatics. You're probably right about alot of folks today never hitting nuetral. Even though your advice will probably result in folks going all the way to park at 100mph and the transmission flying out from under the car in about 1,000 pieces it's still better than dieing in a violent crash.

  17. My Mitsubishi Montero Sports (a.k.a. Challenger. Pajero Sports, Shogun Sports, Nativa, G-Wagon) has the same break override on the gas pedal. So it doesn't have to be german made, just buy a car that does that.

  18. You obviously haven't driven a modern drive-by-wire automatic i.e. BMW or Mercedes. If the EEC has gone bonkers via electromagnetic interference there's chances the stick won't work at all.

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