How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website

How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website
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Want to get those cool review stars in google with your website results. It’s a lot easier then you think with this plugin.

This will help your website to stand out from the crowd and boost traffic to your website.

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12 thoughts on “How To Get Google Review Stars For Your WordPress Website

  1. It looks like WP Review has doubled their price since you have posted this video. I just installed their free version, looks a little plain, so it may take a few days-weeks for ratings to start showing; It does look better then most rating plugins I have run across, maybe the pro version will look more impressive then what the free version has to offer; have to love those stars…

  2. Cheers for the video mate. Not sure if it's been mentioned, but is there a way to add google review stars within search results? Thanks

  3. Awesome..exhaustive and extensive..acttually your rating on schema plugin made me bump into this video.I bought the rich snippets plugin i sure hope it does any good:)

  4. Very nice video Adam.
    Just one question: I dont see any review tab on your site/posts where users can post their reviews but you still get those stars on the site.
    How to get those stars without just showing that ugly review box on the front end of the site?

  5. I also have to say with the help of people like yourself, I have been able to take better control of my website & I have learnt so much. I am a glazier with my own business & building my website has been challenging but also very rewarding. I had prices from other web developers & SEO developers, & there pricing was like the wild west & I had also seen there completed product of other industries or competitors, & was not impressed. So as the old saying a job worth doing do it yourself. My website name is
    It is working really well on pingdom, & also google site speed. & now I have also SEoptimised as well.

    & again Adam I am so grateful for all of your videos & tutorials I can not thank you enough.

    Thanks Wayne Bloxham

  6. It's one of the search spam tactics. If your website doesn't have real reviews google will disable it for your website completely. This happened last week when agency I'm working with got email from google about that.

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