How to rate review businesses in Google

Do you want to leave a rating or review for a business on Google? Google now requires reviewers to use a Google Plus account to leave reviews on Google. Watch this how-to video to find out how you can leave a review via Google search and on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones and Android devices.

2 thoughts on “How to rate review businesses in Google

  1. Rate & Review is annoying, nonsense… etc. Adding photos to Rate & Review does not make any sense, as if everyone at Google gone mad and insane. Add photo, then a second one, they get deleted, then add again, sometimes ALL of them show up magically, but then disappear. Add again, use my best skill, nothing. It is accepted but never shows up. Then finally they send me an email stating "Thanks for sharing! Your new photo is a great addition to Google Maps SEE YOUR PHOTOS ON MAPS". Yet the photo is not there…

    Conclusion: everyone at Google and at most corporations today either are extremely stupid, lazy or they have gone absolutely insane and senseless of what they are doing, perhaps porn and drugs have too much influence on their small brains, or they have an agenda to make everyone insane trying to deal with their possible intentional mess that may be created with a purpose.

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