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The firm’s newest flagship, the Spectre 13, has a steel-clad entire body, a great deal like the more mature types we have examined, other than it ways up to an optional two,560 x one,440 screen and an extra-extensive touchpad built to make all these Windows eight gestures less difficult to pull off. It also starts at $one,000, producing it a fantastic offer more cost-effective than most of the other types

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18 thoughts on “HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook overview | Engadget

  1. @Samson Mathew It is good. She even said that. But for the thickness, you would expect to have bigger battery. That's is what she was referring to.

  2. beats support only companies start with "h" like htc and hp, and for people who don't like those two companies, you are in no luck of getting any devices like laptops or smartphones with built in beats audio.

  3. i have the spectre 13 with qhd since november, best ultrabook by far in price feature value. AC wlan/i7/256GB awesome! QHD with that color accuracy more awesome! dont forget the awesome sound for this thin machine! just lovin it! the touchpad is so good – even it has a touchdisplay i dont use it. i compared it back then with the ativbook 9 and yoga 2 above FHD resolution and the spectre still wins!

  4. Do yall know if this thing can compete with the new 15 inch Mac book pro retina? I really like this lap top bit the specs on the Mac make me want it more but I don't enough about this one yet what do you suggest? I want the best 

  5. We need more woman like Dana in the tech reviewing part of the industry 🙂
    really well done presentation of pros and cons :D

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