I have Hardly ever Read through Harry Potter?!?!

I will not know how I am 20 and I have in no way examine the Harry Potter Series. What is mistaken with me?

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Also, allow me know if you fellas like the new music in the history, or would prefer no new music. I failed to realize how loud my AC is, I am likely to have to begin turning it off when I movie.

Apparently, I appear up WAY far too a great deal, and I observed how distracting that is. I guess it really is my way of contemplating? I truly want to function on not undertaking that haha.

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16 thoughts on “I have Hardly ever Read through Harry Potter?!?!

  1. Oh no!!!! I'm sorry to whoever's comment I just reported! I'm on my kindle watching this and when I tried to open to look at more of the comments I hit the report button. I apologize!!

  2. It was the exact same thing for me.. I never read it, i don't know why, I knew I was going to like it but I just never read it, like you I just thought "One day I"ll read them", and I didn't until this year. Like two months ago I found my mum's Harry Potter books in our attic, so I took them, and I started, and I was immediately obsessed. Like I'd read a book and watch the movie, read the next book, watch the next movie. I'm currently reading The Order of the Phoenix, and for now my favorite book is probably The Prisoner of Azkaban, followed closely by The Goblet of Fire (but the movie adaptation of this one was so disappointing to me).
    Anyway, that was a long pointless comment so I'll end it on a nice note: loved the video, I adored you on Teen's react and I am really glad to discover you have your own channel :).

  3. YAY! so excited you're starting the series! reminds me when I started! the memories! lemme tell u you're in for a ride!…every single book is amazing but 3, 5 and 6 are my absolute faves! the whole series is just MIND. BLOWING. overall. and the stuff that's not in the movies start to occur mainly at book 3, but it's not really that important I guess. so exciting! I plan to re-read it asap

  4. Welcome to the losers club ??? actually I didn't read the books ? I think back in 2013 ( after I watched the whole series ( 2001- 2011) ) I bought the books , I read the first book and half the second book than I didn't complete the other books because I felt bored and because I watched the whole movies. But i'm planning to read the series soon after I finished from the divergent series, Paper towns and looking for Alaska and another bunch of books but now I'm feeling lazy ? I'm reading divergent the first book, I'm halfway through the book and I felt bored but i need to finish it. + I stopped reading books these days. ?

    + I love your review ❤️

    ( sorry for my English ) 

  5. Keep the music. I've found when people don't have the music in, the video can sound a little empty. It also helps with distracting from random omniscient noise around the house.

  6. I've been a Harry Potter fan since 2003, my favorite is the 2nd one!!! The last three movies are not that good honestly… They differ a lot from the books

  7. I am not a big reader, but I haven't completely read HP either. I read the first one, a few pages of the fifth one, and the seventh one (which I liked the most), but they were not my style. I do not like fantasy, since I can't imagine things properly. I do love the movies, though. They're pretty entertaining and they show me the magical things I am supposed to imagine, hahahaha.

    However, it was kinda shocking that you had not read the books. I thought you were a… What are they called? Potterheads? I don't know, but I thought you were part of that fandom.

    Finally, I liked your video 😀 You look adorable as always <3

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