IGDaily – Minecraft Port, Duke Nukem Eternally Opinions, Kinect for Windows – six/17/eleven

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34 thoughts on “IGDaily – Minecraft Port, Duke Nukem Eternally Opinions, Kinect for Windows – six/17/eleven

  1. @iamagamer333 go and play the older games then come back and fuck around with me cause clearly you have never played a classic

  2. @DarthNoobius hahaha, dude. i am sorry but i disagree. duke nuke forever is the worst game ever. only u would play a game for its one liners. ofcourse it IS about the graphics and the gameplay! its 2011 dude.
    wake the fuck up!

  3. obviously the douchebags who reviewed duke nukem clearly have NEVER played it before its not about the graphics or the gameplay, its about the 1 liners the extreme violence and the porn

  4. Wait, is that guy really gay or was it supposed to be funny when the other guy asked how his time at the gay bar was?

  5. YOU CAN GET THIS GAME PLUS ONE OTHER GAME FOR FREE @ FreeGameFly dot net Trust me guys, this site works! The deal might not be up too much longer!

  6. @icyfranky24 BTW i was talking about the battlefield 3 gameplay. COD first gameplay is on Xbox. i was simply saying that Battlefield 3 will be better, unless that zombies MW3 rumor is true

  7. i really dont see how duke is getting bad reviews i mean the game is super fun the controls are smooth as fuck and its a great game! how is it getting bad reviews the graphics arent outdated either so i dont understand how its gettting all bad reviews i mean ive played so far on lets rock and it love because its a challenging and fun game.

  8. For the love of God, stop having Lawrence on the show. I can't fucking take looking at him anymore.

  9. They really shouldn't put Minecraft on the 360, it would ruin it.
    Minecraft is a computer game and meant to be a computer game.
    Leave it on the computer.

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