IGN News – 3 New 3DS Games from Nintendo

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During today’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, the Big N announced a new entry in the Mario & Luigi series of RPG games, a new Mario Golf game, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.

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IGN News: 3 New 3DS Games from Nintendo

36 thoughts on “IGN News – 3 New 3DS Games from Nintendo

  1. your being such and idiot. im saying this, IF graphics is all you care about and that is hat you judge the game than that is an idiotic decsion. DONT JUDGE THE GAME CAUSE OF ITTS FUCKING GRAPHICS granted yes graphics are an important role but if graphics is all you care about go watch a fucking movie

  2. This is the main kind of gamer nowadays:
    "I'm gay for my little precious console and I will spend my time hating on the "rival" companies announcement…."

  3. I don't understand why there are people hating on Nintendo in the comments. This is a video abouy Nintendo. Did you really look up this video for the sole purpose of bashing a gaming company? Get a life.

  4. I tried both in store and because I have larger hands, I had to go with the 3ds xl. So far I love it! When I see the basic one it just seems so small. I would recommend the XL for a person who does a lot of home handheld play.

  5. Camelot also made a phenomenal hand held RPG for the GBA – Golden Sun
    Personally it's my favorite hand-held RPG of all time =D

  6. Absolutely, these other exclusives aren't getting enough attention. When was the latest Star Fox released? 2006?

  7. @IndianDominator PS3? The console with the best graphics currently is the Wii U. He could either get that, wait for Sony or Microsoft's new console, or get a PC (latter for best graphics).

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