Irrational Man Official Trailer #one (2015) – Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix Movie High definition

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Irrational Man Official Trailer #one (2015) – Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix Movie High definition

On a smaller town school campus, a philosophy professor in existential crisis gives his lifetime new function when he enters into a romantic relationship with his scholar.

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47 thoughts on “Irrational Man Official Trailer #one (2015) – Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix Movie High definition

  1. Woody Allen!!!Читайте "Сын Люцифера" Сергей Мавроди!!!Вам понравится,как и Достоевский:)

  2. My favorite thing about movies/trailers, is when you can see an actor's pupils close enough to know what drug they're screwed up on during filming. Really famous people can be so depraved in their private lives, and I don't know why I find that so fascinating, but boy oh boy do I!

  3. I just can't stand his face and the fact that this is a woody allen film, some pedophiling brought into the movie and stupid plot and his own inadequacies projected through the actors, I mean come on already, you had good movies, well, somewhat, quit while you're ahead, this just looks awful

  4. Woody Allen the glorious pedophile making a movie promoting pedophiles. I hope no black man goes to watch this filth

  5. So the Emma is 26 really ? when i saw it i was like why middle age woman pretends to be a college student, although acting itself was good yet she looks a bit too old for her role sorry "Emma Stone" fanboys


  7. Actually I would say this movie is about how risky decisions not always end up good, it seems to be the same old story between the young Girl and the middle aged man but trust it is mote than that. Great movie tho.

  8. Look at everyone thinking this movie is about the romance between an old man and a students, when its not if you would actually see it. No spoilers but its about murder.

    I really hoped he managed to throw her in the elevator shaft in the end, I wanted him to get away with it, I hate when women win in a physical struggle against the other sex (which by the way happens only in movies!). If that was in real life a guy with the same body structure and weight as the professor character determent to kill some skinny broad would grab and throw her in like a bag of hay, I mean look at Stone, my 10 years old daughter weights more than her, she looks like a meth addict.

  10. I haven't seen a profound movie, with a message worth assimilating, in ages. Our children are being BOMBARDED by disgusting propaganda, consumerism, immoral sex, depravity, etc. Watching only crappy movies will make your children miserable and think this all there is to life when, in fact, there is SO MUCH MORE.

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