Janatha Garage Movie Evaluation || NTR || Mohanlal || Koratala Siva || #JanathaGarage || Devi Sri Prasad

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32 thoughts on “Janatha Garage Movie Evaluation || NTR || Mohanlal || Koratala Siva || #JanathaGarage || Devi Sri Prasad

  1. nee mokam inkosari review este champuths chetha mokamdama elanti cenimalu anni chusave vast fellow elanti film vachinanduku santhoshapadaka filmlo comedy kavala neeeee pove

  2. itha vida petha carecter chesina vadu mohanlal garu voice sut akalethu cheppa kudathu petha petha powerfull roll chesina vadiki voice vade chesthunthi….aina malayali kabatti voice saikumar chesaru anthe

  3. i think nuvvu first velli LKG nunchi chadiviii tharuvatha movies lo cameraluu and glasslu moosi tharu assistent aii tharuvatha associate aiii then later director itey telustundhiiii movies kosam and movie taking kosam and review ivvadam kosam uuu idiot

  4. oseyyyyy chala reviews chusa nivviiii andhukaa oseyyy niku alsalu cinemalu chdatam vacha ani doubt yendhukantey u gavie reviews for many movies same as this 2 emiti nistam #narayanudu nooru ichadu gani nootiiki vachina soolu chepesthavvv# naku telisi yeevadooo review rateyy nuvvu chadivestunnnavvv….. critic antey yeepudu -ve gakey kadhu stabile ga vundaliii

  5. i said its not blockbuster but good movie its a cinema no t science you see through msg not logics all are satisfied with simple but you are 100% efficiency never occurs in the world

  6. u lost ur own reputation with this reivew . just cross check the sgs review and jg review and compare urself.
    i completely lost faith in this channel reivew

  7. This is a free country. People have the right to express their opinions. There is no rule that everyone has to like a movie. Dont abuse the reviewer just because she doesnt agree with your opinion. If fans are so protective about their hero, then they can make a positive review video and upload it on a youtube, Nobody is going to stop that. Let's try and be civilized.

  8. indianglitz website owner Garu ,mythri movies production vallu money evaledha , lekka amdhariki echi neku evva ledhu ani bhada ga umdha, first cinema chusi tharuvatha review ravadam nerchuko, sardhar gabhar Singh nuvu echi review okasari chusuko, epudu janathagarege echi review chusuko , ne website midha adho kodhiga manchi opinion unimdhi, janathagarege anedhi samaganiki manchese movie , story pathadha babu , cinema chudaledhu ani bhaga telusthumdhi

  9. halo first u see movie it's highlight and don't give bad remark about ntr and u r thinking like u r the director of this film ok plz don't give bad remark

  10. Firstly understand the basic concept of the movie.. its not about 4 families as you said, its all about only one family called Janatha garage family who serve for people. Read the line carefully on screen again.

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