Kids Boots

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Just like grown-ups, kids feet and legs need to be protected. Mud puddles, flooded driveways, and stinging wind are all culprits inviting colds and flus. With all these hazards lurking outside, wouldn’t it be sensible to buy your munchkin a pair of kids boots? Just because they’re safe doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. There are whimsical boots for both boys and girls, in dozens of styles and materials. There is a kids boot tailored to your child’s personality.

Although appearance is important to children, before you decide on the latest pair of trendy boots, take some practical factors into consideration. How sturdy is the boot? Will it last through the winter? Is it waterproof and easy to clean? Is the inside comfy and cozy?

Durable boots have reinforced soles that won’t peel off with a child’s rambunctious play. Because kids grow so quickly, it’s a good idea to get a boot that’s just half a size larger, both to accommodate thicker socks and to allow for growth which happens in just a couple of months. Resilience also plays a major role. Some stores carry suede boots that look fuzzy on the outside, but with the first rainy day, that pair will be ruined. Instead, waterproof boots made of vinyl, rubber, or other water resistant material will be easier to clean as you’ll need to do frequently. If the outside is comfortable, how about the inside? A bare, unlined boot not only lets cold air penetrate, but can also be harsh on little feet. Lined boots insulate the foot, as well as keeping cold out. Even with all this function behind it, kids boots can be as attractive as they are easy to maintain.

Now that you know the basics of kids boots, let’s look at some of the styles available in kids boots.

Some are super shiny and made of rubber, while others have a more subdued look. Other types are simply pull-on rubber boots that your child can put his already shoe-clad foot into. A few have cartoon characters printed on them, and some are available in bright solid colors.

Puffy kids boots are a favorite of children. The smooshy material is appealing, especially when there are plastic bubbles with snowflakes or hearts attached. Rubber boots are more versatile in design, in many prints and colors. Polka dots, stripes, and swirls are all great. What makes the plastic boot so much fun is that kids can customize them. With the proper paints, children can customize the boots to suit their own personalities. If your kids’ time is filled with play and friends, a boot with cartoons on them might be perfect. Disney princesses, Blues Clues, Dora the Explorer, and Sponge Bob Squarepants are adorable prints that you will find on many kids boots.

Whatever pair of kids boots you choose, make sure they are comfortable, durable, washable and water resistant, lined, and cute!

By Idan Lavi