Kindle Oasis evaluation

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7 thoughts on “Kindle Oasis evaluation

  1. Actually, the device is front lit. It's why it simulates paper. With paper, light is reflected back while the print absorbs the light (if it is black print, other wise it absorbs all but a specific frequency). This is why illuminated e-ink is better for your eyes than a back lit display. Ergo, for dedicated reading, e-ink devices are preferable over tablets with back lit displays.

  2. I would love to see more apps created just for the Kindle line. for example, a notes app would be a great addition. This would allow you to use a kindle to make grocery lists, reminders and more. A light word app would also be great for not only inspiring and upcoming writers, but also casual readers as well. An email app would be great as well. All in all I think giving the Kindle line a more productive side would generate more interest in e-readers.

  3. Good review. Feels like the e-reader world needs a kick in the pants – I think a lot of us expected color e-ink by now. Weren't there working color prototypes a few years ago?

  4. You tell us the weight in ounces?.. I don't know anyone that uses ounces.. for anything..
    Grams makes 1000 times more sense.

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