Kindle Paperwhite vs Essential $sixty nine Kindle Comparison Assessment

A lot more information: This comparison evaluate specifics the differences and similarities amongst the Kindle Paperwhite and the standard $sixty nine Kindle.

40 thoughts on “Kindle Paperwhite vs Essential $sixty nine Kindle Comparison Assessment

  1. To those that are concerned with eye strain, The kindle paperwhite would actually give more eye strain due to the blue rays emitting from the back-lit screen. Also to reduce eye strain on other devices (i.e. phone, laptop), download f.lux.

  2. I prefer Sepia to White, My optometrist says yellow light is better for our eyes since we see it better/clearer than white light!

    BTW White Light contains a lot of Blue Light which is responsible for keeping us awake when we are tired!

  3. Which one is better for the eyes? I get headaches if I read on my tablet or computer that's why I am thinking about buying the kindle. I like the paperwhite but is it as good as basic one for the eyes?

  4. Since I have absolutely 0 knowledge about Kindles, I went to my RadioShack store which is closing and they had big discounts on their products. I wanted to get a Kindle a while back because I know it's the best way to read other than using phyisical books. I got the FIRE HD 7" for $50. But I didn't noticed any difference from my other pads or tablets. Then I saw this video and now I know that I need to get a Kindle Paperback… I tried downloading some filter apps and it does helps a lot but it's not the same and I can do that with my phone or even computer. I think I'm gonna try to exchange mine for a Paperback one.

    Suggestions are welcome.

  5. Damn it. I want to read, not to press the touch screen, not to choise the brightness, not to highlite text.

  6. I am new to kindle.
    Can you let me know if it is possible to read pdf's, emails and do basic reading on web(such as blogs,wiki etc).
    Thank you.

  7. i I've the base kindle, now i want to upgrato to the paperwhite, can i use the same cover (from kindle) of the base kindle? i saw the dimension on the characteristic tab, and the paperw. is like 1-2mm bigger

  8. Am I able to transfer my book files from my phone to either? I bought them through google play. I think they're mobi files.

    I've seen a couple friends with the basic kindle. It's viewable, but weird to look at even in bright light (compared to a real book). My phone (HTC One) has a swipe/tap to go to the next page so the touchscreen wouldn't be an issue. Besides, I have a non-scratching cloth to wipe off any fingerprints that may be an issue. I'd like the option of a dimmer screen at night without wasting my phone's battery. Even on the lowest brightness and night settings it's too bright for calming the brain for bed time. I think the paperwhite looks like it goes to about nothing and would fix this issue. I think I'll go for a paperwhite IF I can transfer my books. I'm not paying for them all again because I bought it all in google play rather than on amazon.

  9. The Kindle has brought back that reading experience and now with the crisper text and lit screen I can enjoy my reading in every type of environment.

  10. What about the battery? Does the paperwhite one runs out faster? (of course it will with the lights all the way on, but that's not what I plan on doing, so a little bit more details would be great!)

  11. to me it seems like the original looks a little better actually, Its simple to go buy a 1 dollar book light to fix its non lit screen. and no touch screen means no finger prints. 

  12. i need your help.

    i bought a kindle paperwhite 2 last week. from outside the U.S. i'm using it mostly for PDF readings. i heard of an update or so released on march. I tried to update but the update button on my kindle dosen't appear. i also tried to download the update to my pc and move manually but it was downloaded as vlc audio file. may i get some help on how to get my kindle reader update…

    I'd be very thankful :)

  13. The only thing that I can say is that I have now a wonderful e-reader for 49 euros, the basic Kindle plus 7 euros in a generic leather case with light. Absolutely happy. The paper white is pretty cool, but wait it cost almost 3 times the basic Kindle!! (129 euros), is not worth for me that in fact want to read!

  14. Not sure but I guess the resolution is 1024×768 and not 758 … or is it a resolution factor provided by kindle ?

  15. Having upgraded from a Kindle Keyboard to a Kindle Paperwhite (first-gen Paperwhite, mind you), I found it to be much improved. The touchscreen is better for any sort of UI interaction, the new screen's increased resolution is nice when reading in-bed (I'm nearsighted, so I tend to notice), and the built-in front-light is a huge improvement over the Kindle Keyboard's extendable reading light case.

    That said, while the touchscreen is better for nearly everything, it's not better for page turns, and if I could make one change to my Paperwhite, I would add physical page turn buttons in addition to the touch-screen.

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