Kinect critique by Gladriel

Official critique of Microsoft Kinect™ from Gladriel the Gamer Auction web page and magazine ( with Katalin Koller (Pass up Hungary 2007)!

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43 thoughts on “Kinect critique by Gladriel

  1. If MS would replace the cameras with ones that have a much faster refresh rate, used a navigation controller/gun combo and headgear with head tracking to turn this into a VR experience, I would immediately stop playing my PS3 and go buy one.

  2. @SuperPombear do the math, you say probably 30 in food a week and based off the price ive heard about it being 150 in like three weeks alone you pay for a kinect, now factor in those expensive shots, i may not own a cat but i do own a dog, who recently dislocated its leg, its a 2000$ surgery pets are not cheap kinectimles much cheaper, much cleaner, and much quieter, how do you like being proved wrong by your own statement?

  3. @SuperPombear No, a lot of places don't have indoor sport places. Apparently you live in a city and never go anywhere . And what about fantasy games, stuff you can not really do in real life, or lets say, the majority of games, dumbass. And stop blaming? I guarantee only about 10% of the world at most, have places like sport arenas. Are you that blind to the world?

  4. @SuperPombear Well you can't play football all year where i live, so thats a argument. Also a lot of these things are what people can't do in life. Thats why people like gaming so much. And they have kids that will like kinectimals, Stop think ing purely of your taste but think of peoples varieties of tastes. I mean usually every console has the same type of games, even kinectimals.

  5. @SuperPombear
    Who said anything about Kinect replacing those things? + I can't take care of a real animal. Kinect is a game any game is bad if you let it consume you totally.(world of warcraft for example) but played in moderation I think kinect is better on the bases if your going to play video games anyways… least these make you move. + you can learn to dance.

  6. @SuperPombear We need these games because they are fun. I can't buy a cat. I'm alergic. I can't play real foodball my bones are brittle. I don't have a brother.

    and I could say more too. but I'll settle with: these games are ment to allow xbox to appeal to the non-hardcore gamers just like the wii. if you don't want it… don't get it. but there are some people who would love this.

  7. @marchak it all depends on what game ur playing I guess. I saw a guy playing a racing game, and he was turning his head slightly to look left and right. I'm not a game developer, so I don't know how it all works. I know that u really are the controller in the games that are launching with kinect, but I personally think it would be better to combine kinect with the standard controller.

  8. @vegakvd and i would like to point out to those who also said its cheaper to buy a cat, you are 100% CORRECT just the cat, no food or collars or vaccinations or cat litter, or repairs to scratched furniture, i think you get my point by now. at least i hope you do.

  9. @theoriginalJASONXYZ but to what extent, will you have to turn your head slightly or hugely, as well imagine younger players (like 13 under) that are fairly hyper and bouncy trying to play a type of game i mentioned, and wouldnt it be a huge hit to everyone if you had to use the controller along with the kinect, you know the system that has stated "you are the controller". to me that just screams use a normal controller,

  10. @marchak keep ur eye focused on the ty when u turn ur head, its not that hard. unless u wanna look behind u then its imposable. as for reloading and stuff, I think thats up to the developers, cause kinect does ok at tracking your body, but its not perfect. I think a good idea is to use a controller for most of the game, and have kinect for simple little stuff like punching guys, leaning, and quick glance left and right.

  11. I'm so sick of people saying "Kinectmals?? Buy a cat!!" Well, some people are not allowed cats because of landlords or allergies. Some people cannot have any pets at all and for those kids, it's a cool, cute thing for them. It also teaches them respect for other life forms. People have nothing better to do then hate on everything. Don't like it?? Then don't get it..simple. Let the people who are intrested in it the hell alone.

  12. answer me this, how will you turn your head and look other ways in shooter type games or even racing games, how will you check behind you you cant exactly turn your head and look…. how will you do manual shifting for racing how will it tell the difference between reloading a melee attack or throwing a grenade, theres just to many questions i have been asking since this damn thing has been announced that NOBODY has given me an answer for.

  13. I guess that most men (maybe women these days too) would buy it if instead of the lion, this chick was in the game

  14. @SuperPombear why play call of duty when you can join the army? why play halo when you can become an astronaut and kill the evils on mars. lol im kidding but we dont NEED anything with gaming. its just entertainment. if ppl wanna be idiots and over pay for stuff.. there money.

  15. @SuperPombear agree and disagree with you at the same time, first is kinectimals, it is better than the real thing becauseyou do not have to worry about such things as shit, vet bills, etc, outside sports is not always availab if you live in a ganstas neighborhood or rainy day, the milo game for me look like it just has great applications for porn and nothing else

  16. @SuperPombear – wow, biased are we?!
    If you were actually listening, he said that with the CONTROLLER you can do quicker movements then you could in real life.

    I think Kinect will be fun, and have some good games. I'm buying it for all the fitness games…anything that can make exercise more enjoyable is a win in my book.

  17. i would like to kinect with her lol im sure others said it but i wanted to join in the lameness

  18. I dont see the practical use. I seems the acurracy is sub-par at best. I dont see how this cold apply to hardcore gamers. I think the move or en wii makes more sense. LOL for cheesy music

  19. Kinect by itself seems dumb. But in combination with a controller game, that could be cool. It's like the head-motion sensor they had for PC a few years back, made looking around in flight sims and FPSs just so good.

  20. @SuperPombear He said controllers, not Kinect, can make for quicker movements than real life. And also cats are a lot more expensive than $150.

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