Kinect Disneyland Adventures Review

Review of Kinect Disneyland Adventures. The game is a fantastic experience that is only held back by some (at times) awkward/challenging controls. However considering that the entire park is practically available at your leisure and instead of just giving us rides that we can virtually sit through, they gave us interactive “adventures” of varying difficulty, it’s hard to dislike this game.

This game oozes charm and replayability. Whether it is the easy quick drop-in, drop-out multiplayer or the fantastic orchestrated soundtrack, this game never ceases to impress. You will be exploring every nook and corner of Disneyland doing “quests” for your favorite Disney characters. You will also be replaying several adventures either because they were too fun to play just once, or you’re trying to get all of the secrets and pins unlocked!

This is a game that will keep all ages occupied for hours and will be something you will come back to time and time again with family members (especially younger ones).

If the controls were only a bit less touchy and more accurate, I probably would have said this is the best Kinect game to date. However, even though I don’t think it is the best Kinect game to date personally, because of the variety of modes, gameplay, and mass market appeal, this game gets a 9 out of 10. Disneyland Adventures easily could have been shovelware but instead it was crafted lovingly by some excellent developers.

Stay tuned next week as I will have gameplay of Fable The Journey from the demo that releases Monday!

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  1. Hey thanks for the feedback, yeah it's pretty solid. I think it's down to like 20 bucks or something now and it's definitely worth it. I know you have a little one based on your Rabbids review a year or two ago, definitely I'm sure he would really enjoy it and most of the games are coop.

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