Kinect Sports Rivals Review – Kinect flaws tarnish the experience – Gamertag Shadowmask – A look at the Xbox One exclusive, Kinect Sports Rivals in this video review.

9 thoughts on “Kinect Sports Rivals Review – Kinect flaws tarnish the experience

  1. Also forgot to mention. For future potential buyers…..WAIT. As fun as this game was… is no way in hell worth 59.99CDN dollars. 39.99 would be the max I would recommend for this game.

  2. I cannot agree with this review. Sorry. With all due respect to Robert Cram I think you need to sort out your lighting or surroundings if you're having trouble. A friend brought this over to play and we didn't have any of the issues that you mentioned.

    Now I realize this is just my opinion and the review is your opinion. All I am saying is to try other environmental settings and see if it helps you any more.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this review though. There are not many on YouTube.

  3. It looks a bit rubbish is it worth gettin an xbox one for this think i myt have to get a ps4 i only want to play halo on the xbox

  4. I've heard great things about the rock climbing. I understand that it is completely necessary to include the limitation of the game mode in more confined spaces. I feel like for the sake of the review you should have chosen a more appropriate location and attempted to play the rock climbing correctly, rather than dismissing it altogether.

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