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In this video, Eli introduces you to the most revolutionary piece of gear we’ve ever seen! The Kioma Infant Car Seat has changed the game. Not only is it revolutionary in its aesthetics, but Kioma offers the absolute best in safety and convenience. This next-generation seat is expected to arrive in late 2017.

At 5.5 pounds, the Kioma is the lightest infant car seat we’ve seen. It fits an infant up to 18 months old! There are no moving parts in the Kioma, so messes won’t creep into any crevices. The removable water-resistant upholstery will make the inevitable mess much easier to clean. The balanced handle and smooth exterior lets you carry this seat safely and comfortably.

The safety features are futuristic, too. It’s the first car seat to feature an integrated roll bar that protects against injuries from drops, falls, and collisions. The featured EPE foam has exceeded safety standards and collision tests.

Above all, baby will be cool and comfy with the cushioned interior. The curved bottom lets you rock them to sleep naturally.

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  1. My first question when I saw this was how does it install. If they are still developing a base, is this considered a concept or can it be marketed without the base?

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