KTM RC390 1000 Mile Evaluate || One Entrepreneurs Impression.

I shared my original thoughts as I took the bicycle residence… Now this is what I assume more than 1000 miles later. An impartial evaluate from an true proprietor.
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26 thoughts on “KTM RC390 1000 Mile Evaluate || One Entrepreneurs Impression.

  1. Those backlid switches come directly from the Bajaj Pulsar & there are also a lot of parts sharing with the Pulsars..KTM bikes now been Made in India by Bajaj it's damn cheap here,just eating the competition.

  2. I'm a first time rider looking to buy. This bike seems to be the best of the ones i've looked at. Plus i'm an Orioles fan so the Orange and Black is awesome.

  3. You can install PowerTronic Piggyback ECU, if you want more power. It will improve torque, top speed (180+ km/h), rev range by 2000rpm more (you get 10 km/h (6 m/h) more each gear) and guess what…! without compromising gas mileage. And if this is not enough, you can also install K&N air filter and after engine remapping you get a top speed of 197 km/h (121 m/h). There is so much boost in torque that, the bike will do power wheelie if you give full throttle :)

  4. Hey man I'm shipping off to boot camp here shortly for the Marine Corps and am planning on making this bike my first purchase when I get home. The only thing im worried about is whether or not I can go on like 4-5 hour trips with this bike? I would buy a better seat of course but I was just wondering what your opinion is on how this bike would handle that kind of trip or would it just be too much for the single cylinder.

  5. Awesome review dude…Planning on test driving it this weekend. I used to drive a 250 ninja back in the states, but pretty happy the KTM costs about 30% less here in India. The dealer I spoke to was kinda pessimistic, like "you wouldn't enjoy driving a single cylinder after driving a twin cuz of the lack of smoothness" but I thought he was honest and I need to find out for myself. Luckily there's a racetrack in my city and this baby is supposed to be at home over there, with the sticky metzellers and the taller gear ratios.

  6. When you said "when i felt how flickable this things is! I thought something is wrong with it" lol 😛 This bike is full of surprises Competition has twin cylinders still in off the line Acceleration RC 390 blows everything off and not to forget it has a limiter when it comes to top speed!

  7. the only other small bike that can compete with this is the duke 390 and they are almost a like in performance only noticeable differences are the body styles which is ultimately be your deciding factor. i'm going to pick the duke 390 up beings as if i'm trying to learn to stunt ride and the body style/riding postioning on the duke 390 is better suited for stunting. also the RC 390 is a tad faster but from videos I've been watching, off jump the duke is winning but I don't understand that because people who are only reviewing the RC is saying it's got all the power and is the best out of the small bike in performance when it literally performs the same as the duke 390 it just compliments the more sportbike riding style and bar positioning as to where the Dukes bar positioning is closer to the 633. also, from some mixed reviews about the RC I've hear a lot of people say it is not a god commute bike however there are some who say it is. reasoning behind this is you'll find yourself fucked in bumper to bumper traffic also if you're not used to the seating position. which most new riders aren't and this bike is entry level than you're going to be uncomfortable . another thing is that people are saying use it what its meant for, track.  They don't like it on short city rides and on long rides the seating already makes it uncomfortable then on top of that you have the seating positioning if you're not used to it, which most entry level riders are not. you will be very uncomfortable. yes you can get a gel seat for both but, this is why i'm choosing the the Duke. Once you get the gel seat for the bike, it is then not uncomfortable at all compared to the RC which seating position for an entry level bike is not very good. also if you like street fighter style(like me) the duke is already that way(no fairings on stock) and if you want to learn to stunt the duke is the obvious best choice(have talked to several very experienced stunters on what their thoughts are on the 2 bikes however, one did compliment the dukes looks graphically) no i'm not saying it's impossible to stunt the RC, the difference is you will have to put several aftermarket parts on it to make it decent while the Duke is already equipped with one major thing, the bars all you will need for the duke is maybe some pegs and some protection for your drops you can get sliders but I prefer protection cages because they while more expensive, offer more protection from possible drops while learning. on the RC you will have to buy adjustable bars(which aren't cheap at all) then you'll have to buy all the stuff I just named for the Duke. so for stunting purposes I stay stick to he duke its cheaper of stock, the bars are more convenient for new riders all around and are especially convenient  for people learning to stunt. also like I said their really any notable or noticeable difference in terms of performance beside a little bit more HP on the RC but that's fine because it's not so great that you will be smoking the duke in speed you'll probably not even to be able to pull away. and if the more experienced rider is on the duke then you'll probably lose no matter the speed of the bike. also when purchasing an entry level bike, you always want to look into future purchases of bigger bikes. with the duke you can stay with it throughout your entirety of riding as they have a bike in the 600cc and a bike in the 1000cc and for the RC(here in America) they only offer a bike in the 300cc category and a bike in the 1000cc category and a jumps from 300 to 1000 is MAJOR. so if you plan on sticking with KTM brand go for the duke as you will have to switch brands if your next purchase will be a bike that it in the 600cc category. and note that the duke is cheaper. so you're paying a couple extra hundred to be more uncomfortable on daily commutes and long rides also you are paying for very little extra HP and you'll only do about 3 mph more if even and from people I seen racing them. off the jump the duke is faster. so it will really come down to a riders skill for racing them. also note that this is my unbiased opinion because  I don't own either, I've just been doing research and watching reviews/reading reviews for a bit now to decide which one to get. also, with the 2016 duke(I have not seen a real detailed review of the 2016 RC  so I don't know if this is fixed) but on the 2015 versions and previous versions of both the duke and RC, the vibration for long rides gets annoying, however on the 2016 duke(again haven't seen a detailed review about the RC yet) they completely rebuilt the engine which has solve this problem. in one review the guy actually says and I quote "you sometimes forget you're riding a single cylinder bike". so if they didn't fix the problem with the RC yet then there is just another reason to get the duke. also, in terms of just overall use, in my research I've found the duke is the better overall bike. for everything while the RC specializes more towards racing track than anything else and like I've said, it's not even that much faster than the duke so whoever wins the race is going to be determined on skill. sure you can say what if the riders have equal skill. but that is never the case. there is always a better rider in a race between 2. just as two point guars going head to head in basketball 1 vs 1. sure their stats may be pretty much the same and they play the exact same but there is going to be one quality about one of the players, just one very small quality that determines who wins. also, with the price of the KTM aftermarket shit such as parts or getting it serviced is greater over all bikes in the class, so if you're on a budget and have other priorities the KTM brand overall just isn't a good choice. if the duke wasn't and option i'd pick the RC over all the other bikes in the entry level class. also note that the RC is more of a bigger sports bike kinda riding style the bigger bike that's bar placement I find different than others is the 636, so if you're planning on getting like a 600rr, or an r6 i'd say go with the RC over the duke because it will get you used to hat riding positioning better than the duke. but if you're going with the 636 the duke is still the best option. but honestly, KTM is not cheap! let that be know! so don't expect to pay the same insurance prices and the prices to get It serviced and aftermarket part prices and you would on say a ninja 300. of you are strictly buying a bike for daily commuting nd are never going to use it for long road trips or on the highway. get the Honda grom! it has well enough power to keep up with city/town traffic and you have a shit tone of upgrade options to make it faster if needed which I don't see why you would need it to be faster than the stock speed of around somewhere in the 50's to commute around you town. or invest in maybe even a little scooter for daily commutes like the Honda ruckus that has enough speed for town and plus its cheap as shit and so are the aftermarket parts and you can make it go fast as shit and will steal be cheaper than buying any of these bikes in the 300cc category after taxes and shit. these bikes are meant to get you used to not just you town but riding freeways and taking long trips maybe even out of your state and each of these bikes in the 300cc category has enough speed! however you pay for performance so both the KTM bikes will pretty much guaranteed perform better than the others and they are both also than the others(if you worry about speed) honestly if you rode dirtbikes for awhile and im talking bigger dirtbikes like 450s and maybe even enduros, I say you go with a bike in the 600cc category because you're 1, already experienced in balancing at high speeds. 2, going through gears. 3,controling bikes. and you wil probably find the bikes in the 300cc class rather boring very quickly as the performance in a 300cc is just not comparable to a 600cc. but back to these bike, just do your research, maybe     go sit on them at your local dealer and just see what fits you more. as for me, i'm sticking with the duke390 and I don't think my mind with be changed. I've been looking at entry level bikes and just bikes in general for about a month straight now and still haven't came to a final decision. also note that different bikes are available if you're out of America while these ones are still and option. some bikes just never hit American dealers because, i'm sorry to say American dealers are in it for the money. they only sell stuff to their standards on what they think will bring in money. but yea, if you haven't go do some research on all the bikes in the 300cc category i'm pretty sure it's the KTM duke 390, the KTM RC 390, the ninja 300 the cbr300r and the R3, all of them are fine bikes just get what you can afford and what you like. there are also flaws about all of them same as any bike. so while don't let something as little as the stock mirrors being bad or the stock clutch being bad because you can always change these things. if you like the way the bike looks, performs and it's in your budget, GET IT! just make sure you will be able to afford the aftermarket stuff for the bike and the servicing and small repairs on it before you make your final purchase and all this information can be learned through a trusted dealer.

  8. Your review sold me on this bike. I was told that it vibed awful. I have other bikes for touring and speed but I don't want to just waste money. I want it for a track day and short work commute bike. Your info, for me, was the most useful of the 20 some odd vids that I've suffered through. Good jobThanks.

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