Kubo and the Two Strings: Plugged In Movie Review

Rated PG
All of Kubo’s eye-, ear- and heart-pleasing stuff masks some spiritual philosophies that parents may not be expecting

One thought on “Kubo and the Two Strings: Plugged In Movie Review

  1. I have to respectfully disagree with you on this. Its is in fact one of my favorite movies of all time in fact. I think movies like this are important because it allows for shared understanding between cultures. Fundamentally the film is not some insidious invasion of the occult (what is this? the 1950s?), Is thematically resonant heroes journey told very well with different type of paint. Taking your kid to this actually helps the develops into a more empathetic and understanding person. If you took them to a film like minions, you basically think you kids are moron and not worth saving. If any film is the tool of the devil, its the animated movies like pixels and minions., not real art like this.

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