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There is no better Christmas present than a book. AND they’re easy to buy last minute. What are you waiting for? Here are my recommendations. 🙂

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The Square Root of Summer
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Killing and Dying
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The Gigantic Beard that was Evil
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A Monster Calls
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100 Nights of Hero
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Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit
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Grief is the Thing With Feathers
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The Girls
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34 thoughts on “Last Minute Book Gift Guide! | Graphic Novels, Fiction & YA | Booksandquills.

  1. Jeannette Winterson also has a new Christmas meal-themed collection of stories in a beautiful hardcover. It's called Christmas Days.

  2. Got we were liars as an early Christmas present on your recommendation and oh boy! Completely fell in love with it so thank you!

  3. I have checked all the books that you recommended, I think I'll go for A Monster calls, a 100 nights of hero and Oranges are not the only fruit 🍊

  4. I absolutely loved A Monster Calls. I'm so excited for the movie. I have the illustrated version and I thought it was beautiful

  5. Hello there! I just added almost all of these to my library's next order. Great video, and I am now subscribed! I really love how you included a wide variety, especially graphic novels. Keep up the great work!

  6. ever since i first heard you mention Killing and Dying i have been absolutely DYING (heh) to buy/read it! i think i might just have to give it to myself as a christmas present 🙂

  7. Great video! Thanks for the recommendation of "Grief is the thing with feathers". Do you have more lyric you can recommend?

  8. I've already done my Christmas shopping but now I know what I'll be using all those Amazon gift cards I'll be getting on! I look forward to your gift guides every year because we have such similar tastes and I know I can always trust your recommendations!

  9. To be honest I never give people novels as a gift unless people ask for it. Because it's kinda like saying "here, now I expect you to actually spend hours on this."

  10. I love the cover of the square root of summer, but I really didn't enjoy the story.
    Grief is a thing with feathers is totally one of my fav books though

  11. I ended up buying 100 Nights of Hero and The Encyclopedia of Early Earth for my mother–hey, if she doesn't like them, then I get them, right? Haha!

  12. i really want to read Killing and Dying and 100 Nights of Hero now!! they seem like such gorgeous graphic novels

  13. The book I've most often gifted is the book Etta and Otto and Russell and James- it's one of my fav books and I first saw it on your channel, so thank you!

  14. Hi!! Do you have recommendations on graphic novels for younger readers? My son is 9 and loves to read. I'd like to introduce him to graphic novels, as he loves art as well. Many seen to be a bit dark or adult for him, or if I look at "kids" graphic novels they seem a bit too childish. I'd love to hear any suggestions!!! Thank you!

  15. I recently listened to an interview with Jeanette Winterson on ABC radio in Australia. If you enjoyed her book I thoroughly recommend listening. She talks about her childhood which was pretty unconventional and she is also so hilarious. She made me want to go out and buy all her books.
    Here is the link if you are interested 🙂

  16. When you described Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit I immediately thought of a friend of mine who would really relate to that story! I already bought her a gift but I'm definitely going to be recommending it to her 🙂

  17. oh my gosh your lipstick! you look amazing!! I need to pick up Grief With a Thing with Feathers and The Gigantic Beard that was Evil for myself! Thanks for the recommendations!!

  18. I'm super disappointed Lorali is in this video, I think the representation and treatment of women in this book is awful and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone

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