Le Havre: the Inland Port Review – with Tom and Melody Vasel

Tom and Melody look at this two player board game

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13 thoughts on “Le Havre: the Inland Port Review – with Tom and Melody Vasel

  1. this game is great. Ora et Labora with Le Havre theme. plays fast and heavy. you can't ask for more. except maybe with that player aid. I'd like to see the building's functions ahead of time in addition to their coats. The inventory warehouse idea fusing basic math (abstract) with physical space (concrete) really was cool.

  2. Had to go back and watch the 2-player Agricola review. Think I might get both. For La Havre, I picked up the iPad version. I can't get my wife interested at all, and I think it'd be extremely fiddly in real life. I can see her enjoying this game though… and for different reasons then she'd enjoy the 2-player Agricola (over the full game, which we only play 2-player anyway) too.

  3. I'm of to a games convention at the end of May. Yet another game to add to my wish list. I may ruin my credit card…

  4. I prefer the cubes to the tiles as you can stack them ontop of each other and it doesn't hide information to either yourself or your opponent.

    One tip, if you can have 9 tokens 5 representing odd turns and 4 even it's good to stack them in the middle of the table to remind yourself and your opponent whose turn it is. Forgetting happens every time with the asymetric turn count, at least in all the games of this I've played.

  5. Tom can you do a top ten games for children? Maybe make it a series of age brackets.. like 5-10, 10-15 then games for Families / wives?

    Also I would like to see some solo Melody reviews soon.. I love her top 100

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