LEGO Dimensions – Review

LEGO toys are finally brought to life in the real and digital world. Is Dimensions a worthwhile adventure or is this the wrong way to build a new franchise?

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41 thoughts on “LEGO Dimensions – Review

  1. I so fucking want this but shit is expensive. It's already 20 Euro's less than the release but still. Probably gonna pick it up someday when I feel comfortable buying it.

  2. Portal is that PORTAL?!!! O_O And the rumors of Sonic being in, No wonder DIsney pulled out the Toys to life market, I hope this means that we'll see Marvel and Star Wars heck I would love to see Tangled and Frozen legos too, HEY, don't hate.

  3. Lego City Undercover ruined Lego games for me, I just can't see myself paying full price for such tiny games when City was so large and expansive.

  4. i''ve bought and played every game from tt but thus one ehh, seems a bit too much imo. I f i were to buy this game i would have to buy every single pack which would probably cost me over £1000

  5. I think I'll wait on the Beta version of this Toys to Life game – I'm sure they'll be a 2.0 next year that'll be more refined.

  6. Well damn, if they didn't make us have to buy so much stuff this would be something to get into. It has the same appeal as Disney infinity and Kingdom Hearts-when worlds collide. Talk about the crossover fanfictions.
    Holy shit. Imagine if Disney and Square Enix decided to work with Lego dimensions……Star Wars, Marvel, and Kingdom Hearts. Yeah they would probably promote other Disney stuff too, and that could be good too, but I'm more concerned about seeing Kingdom Hearts and Star Wars conflicting than I would see Phineas and Ferb (although….they're pretty cool, too, and have had a crossover). But Sora, FF characters, and the square enix version of Donald and Goofy would be more bad ass than regular. They could also implement the pg 13 Disney movies like the Alamo. Pipe dream, I know.

  7. It would be nice if they created a digital version of it for PC, at, say a $60 price tag. I know it would kind of defeat its purpose, but I just want to see what the Portal Adventure World is.

  8. I saw portal 2 involved so I was thinking about it. I love the lego game series, then he had to mention the starter pack is $100…

  9. So without the Skylanderish rules it's just basically your average Lego game?
    Walk through linear levels building shit and killing bad guys?
    Basic re-skinned Lego game with toys as playable characters?
    Is that what I'd be paying for here?

  10. Ooof, this sounds really horrible. I am not sure I understand the appeal of games like this. It feels like this title is taking DLC to an all new extreme.

  11. Hmm I don't see the marvel world there I'm guessing that means that property won't be present. If so then I'll wait till January for Lego Avengers

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