LGR – A Glimpse at Personal computer Game Expansion Packs

A comfortable, nostalgic appear back at typical boxed pc game enlargement packs. Incorporates various ex-pack varieties, box types, and random rambling about days earlier!

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24 thoughts on “LGR – A Glimpse at Personal computer Game Expansion Packs

  1. Another example of a stand-alone expansion pack was Docking Station. It was released as a free download on Creature Labs's official website and, aside from other new additions, it was the only entry in the Creatures series with online features (like in-client creature-sharing and instant messaging), and you could "dock" the game with Creatures 3 so it could share the online capabilities. You were required to login with an account to be able to play it and, unfortunately, the online servers of Docking Station have since given up the ghost, but there exists an "offline mod" that bypasses this.

  2. An interesting game of note for this video would have been Mechwarrior 4. It had examples of data discs with the Inner Sphere and Clan mech packs, an expansion with the Black Knight expansion pack, and a standalone expansion with Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries. The base game was released to North America in 2000, so it must have come at or close to the end of data disc expansions, with Black Knight and Mercenaries coming out in '01 and '02 respectively.

  3. Dynasty Warriors was still doing physical expansions until recently when they got sued by crapcom over the method they used to do the expansions or whatever.

  4. Major thumbs up for showing off both MechWarrior II and Falcon 3.0 (Hornet) expansion packs, loved those games so much! The Falcon expansion packs always came with new paper maps and the MiG 29 Fulcrum pack came with a really cool Soviet fighter pilot poster that I hung on my wall in college. Still have it.

  5. The many wonderful add-ons for the BBS door game Legend Of the Red Dragon (LORD) =]

    A video on door games, or BBS software in general would be great. Nothing sums up early multi-player gaming like waiting for text characters to slowly crawl onto the screen at 1200bps. Don't pick up the phone!

  6. Have a lot of good memories of expansion packs, but my favourite stand-alone one was pretty recent. "Opposing Fronts" for the original Company of Heroes. That was the piece of software that sold me on the idea of DirectX 10. The gameplay felt so fresh and varied just from that one pack. Good ca,pains, too.

  7. This is the major reason why I like to buy complete PC Games… they look awesome!
    And I want to see the Duke3D mouse pad included in the game!

  8. 9:10 I just wanted to write about these when you brought up the Duke Nukem 3rd party addons. I saw that Total Destruction RA1 map pack in retail when I was a kid.

  9. Luckily we still have companies like CD Projekt Red, they released an expansion for the Witcher 3 (it came with a download and some collectible things) with another one coming out soon.

  10. Expansions packs have been replaced by DLC, which has no character to it and is meant to bleed you of money. RIP expansions

  11. i realy miss expansions,one of the last big expansions i can remember was oblivion horse armor lol,i mean the shivering isles

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