LGR – Best Classic PC Game Cover Art

Taking a look at my absolute favorite cover illustrations from retro PC games! I miss big computer game boxes. Such excellent artwork that made you wanna spend money.

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32 thoughts on “LGR – Best Classic PC Game Cover Art

  1. I can remember picking up the original box for half-life and not being very interested as I couldn't tell what sort of game it was based on the artwork….it wasn't until my brother's friend gave me his copy did I realize how cool the game was.

    The box art for Blake Stone was pretty cool dos-era artwork…sort of like other shooters' box art in a way, but still cool.

  2. Mech Warrior 2
    Wing Commander and Wing Commander 2
    Future Wars
    Ultima Underworld 2
    Baldur's Gate

  3. I have that version of Out of This World on 5.25" and 3.5" floppies with the code wheel. The good one, not that misconstrued freak that you showed second.

  4. "as you might have guessed by now, I just like shiny boxes"

    Someone's got a gynoid in their future heyoooooo!

  5. You missed "Powerslave", another build engine game.
    I mean, I don't know 100% if you'd like it because personal preference, but It's personally one of my favorites.

  6. 'Out of This World' and 'Blood' are two of my all-time favorite games of all time! I like all of the 'Out of This World' box arts, even the one you hate. They did a good job on the beast, but I don't get why they made Lester look so un-Lester-like with an ORANGE shirt, no less. Lester doesn't do colorful clothing. Black shirt, gray jeans, and…white shoes with black socks? Did he get that idea from Carl Kolchak? Anyway, Lester wears all his color on top of his head.

    3:35 It's not that his head's too small. More that his helmet's too big.

  7. silmarils taken from Silmarillion by Tolkien….Marillion prog-rock band taking the name also from Silmarillion…the bassist from Marillion Pete Trewavas is also part of the prog super band Transatlantic with Mike Portnoy….this is weird

  8. Great. Now I gotta go look up a whole bunch of PC game reviews and artwork because this is just honestly the coolest shit ever. I love sci fi art, post apocalyptic themes, 80s metal, and just the look of all these games in general.

  9. So glad you picked Wasteland! It's probably my all time favourite box cover for a PC game. Out of this World / Another World is probably my Nr 2.

  10. I love box art for Grim Fandango. Really captures that film noir style, incorporates all of the really memorable characters from the game, and that Mexican architecture immediately solidifies the thematic elements of the game.

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