LGR – Corncob 3D – DOS PC Game Review

World War II never happened, but aliens sure did! Strap into an F4U Corsair and shoot down UFOs and polygonal sci-fi weirdness in one of the more oddly-named flight sims.

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Corncob Deluxe, Corn Cob 3D, corny corn-corn cornhole.

43 thoughts on “LGR – Corncob 3D – DOS PC Game Review

  1. I remember this game. But it was way too complex for my child mind. Plus my English back then wasn’t nearly good enough to understand everything in this game. I think I quickly switched back to a localized version of Flight Simulator 4.

  2. anyone see where i can find a ww1 flight sim?
    i lost the disk it was on but i used to have this dawn of aces game for mac
    i always just found it fun to derp around with zepplins
    you could nose dive them into earth so hard it broke the physics of fuker tri-planes somehow and they just spun out of the sky

  3. When I played this as a kid, I could never figure out what the hell was going on. I usually crashed within minutes and then just walked around.

  4. where is the EA/Activision/Bethesda AAA-revival of this game?
    Having these amazing concepts and settings fully realised- as you describe them -for this generation of hardware could be utterly fantastic!
    Heck, I'd buy it.

  5. the strange, surreal vibe reminds me of LSD Dream Emulator.  10/10 going to track down a copy of this.

  6. Remember playing this for hours on my old gateway. Nothing better than getting shot down, then parachuting onto the mindbender platform suspended 1000feet in the air then planting a bomb and leaping off again

  7. Wait, 1940s but without WWII, instead shooting down alien ufos, add anime girls and you have strike witches

  8. This was the first PC game I ever played.. my dad won some money like 12000$ in 1990 and he bought a packard bell computer.. that damn packard bell was like 1000$ I loved it though and I fell in love with computers in '91.. I was 6 years old.. born in 1985 im 31 now

  9. Holly crap…
    I remember playing this when I was around 12.
    I think I had an earlier version, as I don't recall the digitised images.
    I do remember it talking about a unique graphical experience (or something) if you finished.
    I never did.

  10. An updated version of this should be done but in keeping with the look and tone of the original. I would play the heck out of this!

  11. I loved this game, the weird graphics definitely made it. It would be absolutely amazing if someone did a modern version of this but kept the weird graphic style. Imagine how crazy you could make it on a modern system.

  12. Eight year old me loved the shit out of this game, and I am STILL waiting for a title that can top it.

    Sure modern games are fancier, but they haven't topped this.

    I loved doing everything you just said.

  13. 0:28 I spy MechCommander. That was an amazing game… and it also had some hilarious AI: Once, I was attacking an enemy base. All of their mechs had jump jets, but when I destroyed their Gate Control on accident, they turned their attention on their own gates, trying to blow them up so they could get through (apparently forgetting that they had Jump Jets, and were even jumping over their own gates to get better shots at them).

    Ross Scott needs to do this game! (I do wish you could increase the resolution and colors…)

  14. Little funfact: if you shoot down allies or attack your own base, you get suspended from service.
    As in, the game will refuse to even start until your suspension ends (usually 1 week)

  15. I would play this just to mess around flying the plane while on the ground, RC style. Spent many hours seeing how long I could last.

  16. The only thing I remember from the hours we put in playing this game as kids was when I did too much friendly fire damage in a mission and had my pilot locked out of the game for a couple of days. Mate's father wouldn't let us set the system clock forward so I had to create a new pilot to play or miss out on my turn at a mission! 😀

  17. Played this so much as a kid. Has some of my favourite game music. Title screen rules and the music that plays in the menus from the beginning of this video is great as well.

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