LGR – H.U.R.L. – DOS PC Game Review

A disgusting DOOM clone that swaps blood & gore for farts & garbage… just charming! Locate the world’s stolen panties in this review of:


Download the full game here!

Played on a 486-66.

The goal of these videos is to see how quick I can crank out a review after a long day at work, with about one minute reviews based on a game or theme of games (this one is a single game, HURL, for the MS-DOS OS).

24 thoughts on “LGR – H.U.R.L. – DOS PC Game Review

  1. I loved this game so much growing up, makes me happy to see it again and visit the nostalgic happy feels. [I saw my aunt playing doom and i wanted to play… my mom was unsure and got me HURL as a compromise] my uncle secretly installed doom on my pc he made for me but for a few years I still liked HURL over doom, got to play both though! fond memories of simpler times LGR

  2. My son called this game "Piggy Fly" as a little guy playing his first FPS. I don't remember control issues on my 486 66sx system back then.

  3. duuuuuude, i used to love this game just because of the idea of the vending machine in FPS that u can buy stuff (yes i know there are other games have them), and the cartoony graphics i guess.

  4. Never played the original but played the re-release called Slob Zone 3D. It was one of those annoying yet fun games I loved as a kid. 😛

  5. Ah yes back when discovery wasn't important and spoilers was as common as stolen underwear. That old computer reminds me of the laptop at where I work. They still have a windows xp and boy it's nostalgic to put in my usb and play old dos games on it

  6. I don't know what it is about this game but it just seems so comforting and nice. It has the tone of a Christian game without all the scripture.

  7. dang, I'm really enjoying the, I dunno, "color balance" of this game? It looks like they put a lot of time into the art! Everything as a great bright feel to it, reminds me of Day Of The Tentacle color schemes

  8. "It is the summer time and that means… nothing"
    those intros are so nostalgic, fam. I can also identify with that kind of lifestyle, i dont know why i should have fond memories over sitting to play on an old computer with food besides me like some nerd, but i do. I have been following your stuff since i found the depth dwellers review and let me say that you are one of the few people that truly do justice to PC gaming back in the day and even today, your videos have slowly but surely gone from top to god tier, and it has been a truly enjoyable ride from the start to this point, keep up with the good work, man!

    Also adlib, i also love it. Specially the Tyrian soundtrack.

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