LGR – Lawn Mower – PC Game Review

Mowing lawns? Yeah, not exactly the typical idea for a fun game. But when you add bizarre pickups and enemies that “are stole your fuel”, you’ve got an awesome setup for some relaxing gaming!

Download the shareware version of LawnMower here:

37 thoughts on “LGR – Lawn Mower – PC Game Review

  1. Ah, that brought back fond memories. Had a custom-built Windows 98 machine growing up, and practically never stopped playing this game!

  2. Am I the only lunatic who sees this game, and one thought crosses their mind:

    A sequel to Lawn Mower. Crop Circler.

    Basic premise is the same, but now, you have a pattern to follow, and if you do it right, and on time, your homies come pick you up. Plus, you have 2 familiar looking FBI agents trying to grab you….

  3. The lawnmower missions in Bully were almost the same thing. No enemies, but after a certain amount completed, you had the option of finishing the rest or be lazy and stop with a completion.

  4. I remember my parents use to force me to go to this stupid after school church baby sitter thing when they both got jobs (I was in 5th/6th grade for fucks sakes) and they had 3 awful computers but while the other kids played dodgeball I played this lawn mower game and the flying toaster game on those computers. Too this day I still use after dark flying toasters as my screen saver

  5. For some reason, I find myself attracted to the design of that Compaq Presario. maybe it's the white plastic base, the roundness, the attachable speakers, It's pleasing to my eyes

  6. I had the same computer. I ended up putting a 750 p3 512 mb ram and a nvidia 5800 in it. I could actually play morrowind on it. I sold it to my uncle for $50 in 2008 , and he was using it until a couple years ago.

  7. Man, you should do more bizzare stuff like this. In fact, make a Bizzare playlist or something so I can binge watch the crap out of your channel.

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