LGR – Ripper – DOS Laptop Recreation Overview

Exactly where will you obtain a blend of cyberpunk, murder, twisted puzzles, and Christopher Walken performing surprisingly? Only in Ripper, the 1996 FMV experience recreation from Acquire 2 Interactive.

22 thoughts on “LGR – Ripper – DOS Laptop Recreation Overview

  1. Man, you really need to review A Fork in the Tale. I'll gladly send you a copy if you so desire it, but I can't seem to find any online.

  2. Found this at a thrift store for a few bucks, in the box with all the manuals. Love old FLV games like this. Totally corny.

  3. The music in this game was the. It's memorable thing for me. The beat/drone thing at the end of this video in particular. I also didn't realise how popular this game was, but looking at the view count it obviously was.

  4. Out of all the games ive seen i genuinely think this one would drive me to drink and i do like the actors but for their much better performances. I would rather play a kinect game than this.

  5. Very funny review.
    Quite a lame game I remember – but the Titletrack "The Reaper" did the trick. Loved it though, yes we were very uncomplaining at those times…

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