LGR – Rune – Computer Game Evaluation

Ragnarok! Loki! Vikings! Bloody motion and journey with a stellar Norse mythological backdrop, it really is Rune/Viking Warlord/Gold/Traditional, the first game from Human Head Studios for Computer and PS2.

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40 thoughts on “LGR – Rune – Computer Game Evaluation

  1. I remember playing this game upon release when I was about 6 years of age. It was such an amazing experience. I still remember swimming then killing crabs. Edit: That game was packaged so epicly.

  2. Awesome review. I just happened to be thinking of this game the other day and I remember playing it on an old demo disc many years ago. Watching this made me want to play it again. Luckily I was browsing BundleStars and saw that this was included in the RPG Heroes Bundle for less than 3 bucks. Now all I need is some mead.

    Time to kick some ass for the Odinsblade!

  3. Rune is another game I've seen on GOG, but hadn't checked out. Your video just piqued my interest. Wishlisted.
    UPDATE: I grabbed Rune on sale on GOG. Worth owning. A damn fine use of the old Unreal Engine.

  4. Nice. I also had a Voodoo 3 card, but mine was the Voodoo 3 3000.

    And before that, I also had a pair of 12 MB Diamond Monster Voodoo 2 cards. The neat thing is that I could SLI them together, enabling higher resolutions and doubling the available VRAM. ^^

    PS: I love your voice, dude. ^^

  5. Wow! I used to play this game back in the days. My favorite multiplayer map was 1v1arena. You guys remember that map?

    Do people still play this game in multiplayer? I lost the cd over 10 years ago. If people still play I want to get back into it. Is Rune gold the best version? Dang this game brings back a lot of memories….thanks for the review.

  6. @Lazy Game Reviews Thank you for doing this Review i always loved this game i was 10 when it came out and i enjoyed it's lore. If you find the time can you play and then Review my favorite game of all time Unreal 1 aka Unreal Gold?

  7. why we have a fucking cod per year and there's no new amazing rune. Still a great game, with a great ambientation!

  8. This was one of the first games i got for my PC as a kid after i got my first graphics card and some more RAM (Thanks Mom!!!), but man this really helped jump-start my love of PC gaming. This, starcraft, and rune-scape were my GAMES as a kid in 5th grade (99/00 I Believe). Then Diablo 2 and boy oh boy…

  9. I first played this on ps2 and it was a dream come true. I loved the viking lore and the atmosphere of this game. my viking game needs would not be met until ten years after this when skyrim was released.

  10. Man I remember buying this when it came out and spending hours each day in multiplayer just cutting people to pieces and beating them to death with said pieces. The story, what story there is, surprised me. Especially after you encounter Loki and get your powerup. Like holy shit what just happened?! Great game so memorable. Thanks!

  11. What's funny Ultima IX should have paid to use this engine probably would had a much better game.

  12. At that time there was a game similar to rune but at the same time superior in every single aspect – Blade of Darkness. Even though Rune is a fine game I still think that Blade of Darkness was the BEST

  13. Meh Im not bothered by a slow start. Soul Reaver was pretty barren at times but I include it as part of my most favorite series of all time, so Runes slow start isnt that bad IMO.

  14. The Rune Classic release on GOG does include Rune Gold as an extra, so you can still play all the original content, and even mod it for co-op should you want to. I haven't found any co-op mods for Rune Classic, anyway.

  15. Nice review! I love games from the era (early 3D games). Hmm, up to what year do you consider this gaming goes? early / mid 2000's? What game made a change?

  16. Would love to see you try your hands on Gothic 1&2, very much underrated game outside of Germany, and has pretty much a cult following at this point.

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