LGR – Star Wars Yoda Tales – Computer Match Assessment

Perform Luke Skywalker as Yoda’s minion and travel close to the galaxy, solving puzzles and amassing keys! Do or do not like this video game, there is no try.

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35 thoughts on “LGR – Star Wars Yoda Tales – Computer Match Assessment

  1. Not gonna lie, Ive seen other youtubers shit on this game and every time I think to myself how interesting it looks. Thanks for being real about it.

  2. At 2:26 We Finally see English captions for R2-D2! Lol!! I wish they would have done that in all the movies and tv series! maybe they will one day! Lol!

  3. I could have sworn I only just learned of this game but somehow this video was downvoted from my account. Drinking problem or cyber space intrigue? You decide.

    (also upvoted)

  4. It was nice and you could upgrade both your saber and your might after 20 and 50 or so games once …. liked that one…. "Yay, I picked up Chewbacca, dad!"

  5. I once saw this game at Best Buy years ago and I looked on the back of it to see the still images of game play and I thought it was just an empire strikes back version of Zelda link to the past on SNES.

  6. This game was definitely misinterpreted by the gaming community when it came out. It was created to be played in small bursts, and it accomplished just that. I had fun with this back in the day playing it every once in a while.

  7. I had this. It came bundled with the Indiana Jones one, which was pretty much the same game. While the game is a bit lackluster, it did include some Star Wars mouse cursors, sounds, and a wallpaper, which I decked out my first laptop with.

  8. I remember having that game back in the day. I think I remember using a lot of the sound clips for the CD on my PC for different things like the start up etc ;)

  9. I loved this game!! I was born on '92 and got this game before I could read, so id have to get my mom to sit with me. i pull it out occasionally, and for real it wasnt bad for a desktop time waster. I appreciated the puzzles and the ability to not only travel to dagoba, but other planets in one game. The fact that there were a couple scenarios was great because hitting new game led to a new adventure instead of just one on loop. Gotta say, most gamers freak out when when they hear the sound byte of Link opening a treasure chest. Sometimes, I geek out when I hear the starwars theme and I go back to when I finally found the locator in the AT AT on hoth in this game. Cheers, Clint, thanks for the review!

  10. This game reminds me of my childhood. I used to play this as a kid back in 1999. I was looking for this game for i dunno long time.. I was so pleased when i found it. I was OMG! Finally. But then i realized that i can't really launch it or install on my current Windows 7. What a disappointment.

  11. the is brilliant for what it is. the idea of no two games the same makes it ideal distraction from the mundane. if only it was ported to tablets

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