LGR – The Incredible Machine – DOS PC Game Review

Where else but The Incredible Machine can you solve physics puzzles using bowling balls, guns, cats, monkeys on stationary bikes, and tiny people? Incredible!

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36 thoughts on “LGR – The Incredible Machine – DOS PC Game Review

  1. Hey wait, does anybody else notice that the picture at the top right shows a young boy bending over for an older man? D: I never noticed that when I was a kid

  2. I really wish they'd remake this game and use today's technology. It was such a great game to play back then, and it still is a great game, but it could be so much more today.

  3. This game was the best. I played this as a kid all the time on my old Pentium machine (too young for DOS, our first PC was Win95). Then I got the Incredible Toon Machine which IMO was even more fun. I need to dig out the old PC (still have it and its monitor in original boxes, and a few years ago managed to find someone else who had one to image the factory OS for me).

  4. 4:28 We had that on our macs in middle school and we were just the worst when it comes to mel. We got him eaten by alligators, had him fall to his death, hit in the head with a Bowling ball so he see stars, AND NEVER GET BACK UP!

  5. I played this in computer class at school, then I bought TIM 2 and man that was AWESOME!! Played it again a few years ago on DOS Box, same good feelings

  6. This game was awesome, the music the graphics, the logic! I just sunk hours and hours into this on my dads pc along with simon the sorcerer, those were some good times.

  7. I recognize this music from Lionel's 3D Ultra Train Town Deluxe. Think it was also a Sierra product

  8. There's a game out now called Contraption Maker, started and developed by the same people who made the original Incredible Machine. It's an official spiritual successor, not just a knockoff, so if you liked TIM then you might want to check out Contraption Maker.

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