LGR – The Kristal – DOS PC Game Review

Cinemaware was known for its excellent multi-genre computer games in the 80’s, based on classic movies and TV shows. The Kristal was not one of them.

45 thoughts on “LGR – The Kristal – DOS PC Game Review

  1. "I think this section of the game was supposed to be fun" is the greatest piece of writing in game criticism ever.

  2. Honestly? It doesn't look that bad. I guess this is one of those things where the gameplay really kills it. And well, that does happen. It looks pretty funny and campy and the graphics seem quite excellent really. Too bad it's not actually that much fun apparently. Maybe it'd be well suited to a reboot if someone felt up to doing so? Or just some sort of hack or patch.

  3. it's like a real early version of a game called Laser Lords for the cd-i. both are side-scrolling sci fi adventure games with weird senses of humor and mediocre "action" sequences. wonder if there was some crossover between dev teams or if the people that made laser lords were just fans of this.

  4. This is the oddest VGA color scheme I've seen. It reminds me of the Tandy 16 color scheme with some EGA mixed in. It definitely isn't 320×200 at 256 colors (or it didn't take advantage of the 256 colors or resolution). Was it just an EGA mode that was ported to VGA?

  5. I thought Fissionchips was highly amusing. then again I was 13 years old at the time. thanks for the review

  6. 4:25 I can't help but stare at the "R" trying to figure out why nobody fixed it..
    Everything else at least looks like letters..

  7. Got damn, must have been rough back in the day having to play a game on 6 disks. Worst I ever had it was my original copy of Baldur's Gate, which I think was *only* 5 disks. Having to switch disks mid game is just a draaaaag.

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