LGR – Xmas Evenings Into Desires – Saturn Activity Review

The holiday getaway spin-off to the Sega Saturn common! Support two kids suitable the negative decorating of their drunken elders by sucking up balls in the sky.

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Jazz Jackrabbit Getaway Hare ninety five OST
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Xmas Evenings OST

31 thoughts on “LGR – Xmas Evenings Into Desires – Saturn Activity Review

  1. Clockwork knight was another Saturn game that changed its intro according to the date. It blow my mind as a kid when I went to play it on Christmas.

  2. the Saturn was awesome for 2d games mostly fighting ones but it was poor for 3d that's for sure, shame Sega rushed it out to beat the PlayStation if I remember I wish Sega would release the Saturn 2 or dreamcast 2

  3. do a video on crystal caliburn pinball one of my alltime fave games had more fun with that than ive had in most tripple A games these days

  4. In my opinion, the NiGHTS series in general is greatly underrated and has been treated poorly even by SEGA themselves! I mean, come on! NiGHTS only has 3 titles and has appeared way more times in other games than his/her own! Especially in Sonic games. Just make another game already! GET ON WITH IT! But the new Rodea the Sky Soldier is kind of like NiGHTS. It's still made by NiGHTS' producer, Yuji Naka. Just with a gameplay mix of Sonic and third person shooting. But the game got some poor ratings… Dammit Naka…

  5. Your voice is so wonderful. Was that music from Jazz Jackrabbit in the intro, or some other DOS game? Sounds really familiar to me.

  6. Hey LGR, unrelated to thid video but why havent you reviewed the new Wolfenstein games? I thought you would love both of them?

  7. I love your videos and your collection. You've actually inspired me to start my own collection. I probably have almost 100 games now? I have 4 computers. 2 laptops and 2 desktops. I'm actually only 14 so the nostalgia for these games that I have would seem to be missing. The first game I ever played was Roller Coaster Tycoon, I dont know when, but I look back at that game and salivate over those graphics and isometricness. So, despite my age I still have nostalgia for this old stuffs. I'm going to make a twitter account so I can send you some pictures.

  8. Does anyone have any links to Christmasy sounding atmospheric or just general game theme tracks/soundtracks? I've been looking for such music to play pc games with but I just have not played enough pc games nor experienced enough beautiful music. @LGR you do a great job with the music you use for these videos, I wondered if you maybe have any links to good christmasy soundtracks? Thanks all <3

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