Lib Tech Skate Banana vs Banana Magic vs Attack Banana snowboard reviews by Board Insiders reviews – news The question: Which Lib Tech Banana snowboard should I get? The answer depe…

Here is a super cool bluteooth headset form Jabra known as the Stone2 for its sleek textured design. Enjoy the review 🙂 Check out our review: http://tech-re…
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Lib Tech Skate Banana Vs Banana Magic Vs Attack Banana Snowboard Reviews By Board Insiders

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Lib Tech Skate Banana Vs Banana Magic Vs Attack Banana Snowboard Reviews By Board Insiders

Price: $ 33.50

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50 thoughts on “Lib Tech Skate Banana vs Banana Magic vs Attack Banana snowboard reviews by Board Insiders

  1. Attack Banana or Lando Phoenix series, choices choices. would consider the
    Magic but to many mixed reviews and I own a skate banana already and need a
    new bored for next season. 

  2. I just got my lib tech attack banana, and i wanted to just test its
    response and energy alittle, i laid the board on the floor, and then just
    stepped alittle on the tail with my foot on the floor, just to see how much
    the nose will pop up, and then i think i heard a little sound that sounded
    like a crack.. didn”t see anything thou, just think that i heard something
    that got my atention..
    anyone who knows if a snowboards tail is able to take thoose kind of
    flexing? I thougt they were.. ( paranoid snowboarder ) .. 

  3. i really have no clue which one fits me best, as i am just a
    beginner/intermediate rider. i focus on the hill/slopes but want to start
    with park a bit too…

  4. @weidman513 The blue is the 2011-2012 version, same board different color.
    Don’t think they’re available yet. If you really want to score a blue one
    check out our retail partners (SHOP tab on our site). I can’t really say
    too much more but one of the shops has a great relationship with Lib and
    can at least ask them directly for you. Doesn’t hurt to call and ask.

  5. The attack banana is incredibly squirrely given the contact points are
    elevated off the snow and you have reverse camber between your feet, anyone
    serious about carving, jumping big jumps, and riding ice regularly should
    probably look into the Never Summer line of decks or something with more
    contact. IMO the attack is way too unpredictable. even skating it in the
    lift line was annoying.

  6. @DWdrums25 It’ll work for sure but of the three it’s the one that likes to
    jib least. Because of the Banana Magic’s deep side cut and aggressive
    Magne-Traction (wavy edge) it’s twitchy(er) at slow speeds and really wants
    to turn. That’s not usually a good characteristic for slaying boxes and
    rails. That said it still is a great all-mtn board. In the park it will
    excel on the jumps, and if you do jib I suggest de-tuning it a bit more
    than you would most all-mtn boards.

  7. @boardinsiders How does the banana magic work for jibbing?? I’m more of a
    speed/back-country guy but I’ve been trying to get into the park too

  8. hey guys, I’m looking for a good allround parkboard with a camber and
    rocker setup. im 1 of the bigger guys with a 6,10 with 186. with a boot
    size 10. could you give me a shoutout on what you would suggest for riding
    park mainly jibs rails and small kickers, but also keeps me up in fresh
    pow. and screwing around offpiste. thx in advance, Peace.

  9. What board should i get i like flexy boards with nice control

  10. @boardinsiders I’m literally about to get an Attack Banana for this coming
    season, I’m still fro’ing back & forth with the T.Rice 2012 & Skate but I
    think the Attack is the perfect balance between the other 2. i live in
    London so testing boards out is tricky, especially the ones you wanna try
    out.. I’m 5’10, 150, size 9.5. I’m guessing the 156 is going to be the
    size i need? Any advice gratefully received Boardinsiders, this was an
    excellent video and just what i was after! Cheers!

  11. @BoardInsiders Thanks a lot it’s really appreciated!

  12. @Bri7man I reckon yes, you are almost exactly the same sizes I am in terms
    of height/boot – i looked at the 156 & 159 together and the difference is
    so marginal you can barely see the difference imo. The 161 however does
    look quite bigger compared to the 156. It’s almost like a game of
    psychological warfare when choosing the size of your board, so many
    opinions online that it’s hard not to be influenced by it all

  13. im 6’1″ 150 lbs with size 11 boots. im an all mountain freestyler and hit
    anything and everything on the mountain. im looking at the skate banana.
    should i get the 154 or the 156? thanks

  14. Great review. The reviews were spot on, some really good insight & advice
    on the boards. LIB TECH rules.

  15. Its hard to make a legit case for reverse camber when every spin shows
    somone washing out.

  16. im 6’2 about 220 size 11 or 11.5 shoe .im torn between what board to get i
    like something that carves well an is stable but is a good all around board
    i dont plan on doing much park riding if any.any advice for board size an
    wich one im partial to the magic but am open to the attack or skate…..i
    think im going to get a 161 or 158 not sure help?!?!?!

  17. @BoardInsiders hey guys, thank a lot for an awesome review, what would you
    suggest out of this 3 boards, i am intermedia to advance and i live on the
    east coast where we have a lot of icy conditions, thanks again

  18. I own a Jabra similar to this and i cannot recommend this as the damn thing
    keeps pooping out of the ear. The design of this is made to look cool and
    smart but not to be practical.

  19. So much bam, boom, pow, damn, click. What’s that about?

  20. Bought one. connected it or paired it which ever word you care to use. and
    no sound… what a waste. returned it to the manufacturer they sent me
    another right away.. Still NO SOUND once connected…

  21. You said you can listen to music? Not stereo though, right? I mean one
    ear? Am I making sense?

  22. Yer lead-in bumper music is too loud for you narration levels!

  23. @PinPin167 comments like this make me want to find you. respect you (fist
    thing) then man hug you. Thanks bro!

  24. Nice video…feel like getting one immediately after watching…

  25. yes you can. I believe jabras are even ps3 compatible.

  26. me gustaría que el vídeo también nos diera la explicación en Español

  27. all these reviews are redundant. no body talks about sound quality. how
    many of these hand reviews has anyone seen on utube?

  28. “you get two sets of instructions… pretty weird.. but ok..” haha why’s
    that weird!

  29. me gustaría si me pueden decir como caviar el idioma

  30. Can we pair it with our computers? So we can listen to music and videos
    wirelessly? Or does it only work with our mobile devices, such as phones
    and ipads

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