Mage Knight Evaluate – Starlit Citadel Assessments Period one

Starlit Citadel testimonials Mage Knight: The Board Video game, with Kaja Sadowski and Joanna Gaskell. In Mage Knight, gamers are powerful heroes on a mission to conquer the Atlantean empire. The recreation brings together an RPG sense with deckbuilding and board recreation mechanics, and can be played by one to 4 gamers in one to 4 several hours.

Online video and Title by Rob Hunt – Phasefirefilms

34 thoughts on “Mage Knight Evaluate – Starlit Citadel Assessments Period one

  1. Thanks for the helpful review. I was thinking about grabbing this in a post-Xmas sale but now I am worried because this game simply looks like a lot of hard work. There are so many chits, cards, bits and bobs. Where's the elegance? And when my mind started to wander seconds into your rules explanation, I knew there would be problems!

    I don't know if I could dedicate so much time learning this thing on my own, let alone with. I have no doubt there is a deep, strategic game waiting for those who tough it out but man, seems like too much of a slog to get there!

  2. you ladies are Beautiful And i like your necklaces And earings. you game girls know how to dress! my two favorite things are board games And beautiful women .going to watch And like all your vidos eventually

  3. This is one of the best and most awesome games to come out in years. It's fantastic. And don't fret the learning curve – the walkthrough rules guide is one of the best written instructions I have ever read for a board game of this caliber and it eases you into the game real nice. If you're into fantasy themed board games that ooze flavor and love it when growing character power is really reflected in the rules and gameplay you simply MUST own this.

  4. The main takeaway here for me is that last little bit about the elf barbarian.  Wow, you guys are great actresses….which makes me wonder how much of the other stuff you say is blowing smoke 🙂

    Like your reviews a lot, thanks!

  5. Great game that doesn't see anywhere near enough playtime in my collection. Just wondering if anyone else has given the different hero's nicknames? Breezy-thighs is a definite favourite (guess who 😉 )

  6. Tried it yesterday and my brain melted on the rule book. Looks really good though on my first play test. Time flied by so fast! Time consuming game.

  7. im not sure im a fan of games that use wound cards for your hand or use your hand size as your HP. it seems an unusual way to represent health to me

  8. Excellent review! I just received this game today after reading a lot about it and your review has reassured me that I made an excellent purchase! I will be looking at your other videos as well as I am certain the quality will be as superb as this!

  9. Insta subbed after 2 mins, superb vid! Thanks for uploading! Going to buy this game asap! :)))

  10. Got the game yesterday to play in solitaire mode. Really good and fun but doubt I will play with other as it is a bit complicated for casual gamers. 

  11. I appreciate the quality and professionalism of your reviews. I would be very interested to know which 5 or 10 games you recommend for the best solo experience – besides, of course, the incomparable Mage Knight.

  12. My group played this 3 times and put it away and have never played it again.  Maybe we will try it again…if all our other games spontaneously combust.

  13. great review, im glad that these reviews exist, now i have a good list to start to step a little deeper to board games, besides risk. im gonna start with this one, sounds great

  14. A very good wrap-up of the rules. If it wasn't for your episode I wouldn't have believed that such a short rules-introduction for this game would be possible. Awesome! Thank you very much … I sincerely hope game-developers are aware of you and invite you to introduce games on conventionas and professional game-exhibitions … 😉

  15. I agree with the poster lkjkhfggd, I always find myself zoning out during the rules descriptions, but I really like the opinion part where they talk about the pros and cons of the game. I wish more of the segments were devoted to that.

  16. I live this game, I never put it back into its box as I aM constantly playing it! Just awesome…

  17. I kinda wish they would talk without a script. I think the dynamic conversation helps reveal more time details and nuances than reading from a script. Ah well.

  18. I wish these board game reviews wouldn't spend 90% of the video explaining how to play the game. The best way to learn how to play a board game is to watch an example game online. The beginning explanation was unhelpful and confusing.

  19. I love Mage Knight a lot, but it really takes the right person to play the game. It has a high probability of a negative review from your gaming group if you know ahead of time that they don't like long, very deep, very tactical games. I taught this game to 3 of my friends in one epic game so it can be very enjoyable, but know your group. It's not for everyone, but it remains an awesome game.

  20. Thanks! And yes, they do come painted. They're plastics, and on the lighter/flimsier side, but the detail on them is nice, most especially with Goldyx (the character that looks like a dragon). Good call on pointing that out.

  21. Great review. It's impressive to see such a deep RPG support solo play. The ability to do a thorough playthrough before bringing guests over to learn a new game is super valuable. Also, did those minis come painted? If so, that's such a rarity it would be good to call out. Thanks for your great work on these videos!

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