Major ten Board Games That Look Silly (but are Actually Entertaining)

Tom Vasel, Sam Healey, and Zee Garcia take a glimpse at 10 board game titles that glimpse quite silly, but are basically pretty entertaining!

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39 thoughts on “Major ten Board Games That Look Silly (but are Actually Entertaining)

  1. Zee, I have ordered Mr. Jack Pocket from my FLGS because of your suggestion.  I found a father and daughter on BGG that showed how to play it.  Portland, Oregon has free movies and concerts in the park in the summer.  Everyone gets there early, brings food and some of us play games.  This one sounds perfect, and I'm sure I'll find some times to play it during the winter.  Thanks!SueKuKu

  2. Honorable mentions:
    Tom: Smash Up / Catacombs / Dancing Eggs
    Sam: Faux-Cabulary / Battlestations / TransAmerica
    Zee: Monkeys on the Moon / Cyrano / Mr. Jack Pocket
    The list:
    10 Days in the USA (etc.)
    Duck Duck Go
    Bling Bling Gemstone
    Battleground: Fantasy Warfare
    Dungeon Fighter
    String Railway
    Fairy Tale
    Smiley Face
    #1 Igloo Pop

  3. I have Mr Jack Pocket.
    Best quick filler for 2 players!
    You can play Holmes detective team or Jack the Ripper so your role isn't always the same

  4. You should leave shortcuts in the description so that we know what's in what order; that could help people get an overview of good games without randomly skipping around or have to watch all 30 min of your video.

  5. I wonder if you could use the TransAmerica rules with a Ticket to Ride set. The components look very similar. 

  6. It's "Trötofant" with an "ö" because the "noisemaker" is called a "Tröte" and it's pretty obviously a game for small kids, not that that would keep adults from possibly having fun :)

  7. Heavy Metal at a game store?

    I am! Remove that sarcasm from thine voice. Board games are metal as fuck. XD

  8. It would be fun to see you play some of these game during the next gaming marathon.

  9. The best thing about Battleground: Fantasy Warfare is that you can invest 10 bucks to buy one deck and you can play the game to see how you would like it. They list two armies that can be built from the one deck for that purpose (get the basic deck). If you don't like it, you are out $10, less than the cost of most miniature game rule books.

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