Make wallpapers and scrapbooks for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I am a big fan of Harry Potter series, I usually do not add more comments to Harry Potter movies. This one I’d give it an 8 out of 10. For series, wow, it’s an epic. For J.K.Rowling, movies and books are all her kids. For the kids in these series, it’s a journey, and they are so lucky. And for me, I’ve known them since they were kids. For more information about how to make wallpapers by using Harry Potter pictures: From the very beginning, I like to collect Harry Potter pictures and make these pictures to be stunning wallpapers, scrapbooks. It’s very cool. Well, I make these on mac, so look very good.:) That scrapbook, I use a blank template to edit it. I have added frame on it, and added some little decorations. The card was made in a blank template, too, I put mask on those two pictures. The wallpapers, I just took templates I like and drag photos into it, so the templates are beautiful which made my wallpapers out stunning as well. I can make wallpapers on mac more beautiful here. Cuz in this photo editing software, I can adjust effects, lightness, contract, hue, etc. and put mask, add text, put shadow on the frames. There are a lot of templates for making wallpapers, scrapbooks, cards, CD covers, cute baby pictures. This one is wallpaper: iCollage for mac-make wallpaper,scrapbook on mac.

“Harry Potter. The name alone induces screams across the world, and may make movie theater managers such as myself fall on the ground when the prints arrive in the building. Just because I did get to watch it early does not mean I didn’t do my share of waiting around the theater. More than 7 hours after I got off work, I was still at the theater and ready to watch what I had been waiting for ever since the wonderful ‘Order of the Phoenix’ two glorious years ago. Not only was ‘Half Blood Prince’ my favorite book in the series, it was also one of my favorite books of all time. My expectations could not have been higher, possibly the highest for any movie I’d ever had.”–The hollowed spy

By laila