Mark Kermode opinions Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie

Mark Kermode opinions Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie. In this Big screen adaptation of the preferred Television set clearly show, a business attempts to shut down Mrs Brown’s fruit and veg stall.

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45 thoughts on “Mark Kermode opinions Mrs. Brown’s Boys D’Movie

  1. I agree with the movie it is not as funny as the TV shows that they did but Mr Brown boys is one of the best comedy's made in the world as the movie did try to put some effort into it as it is hard to create a movie based on what type of comedy they are looking towards and the humour towards the public based by what you can do and what you can't do

  2. What REALLY gets these two bummed out is the overall success of the show they dislike so much. How DARE people contribute to the continuation of a show they hate! And after the movie was a dud, too! (…A relative financial success of a dud, from what I hear.)

    Stop liking Mrs. Brown's Boys, all you people! Stop it RIGHT NOW! This is the comedy police talking! Stop it!

  3. There was no humour at all in that clip. Is that because the jokes were unfunny, or because there were no jokes in it full stop?

    Anyway, now we have Keith Lemon and Mrs Brown's Boys films, what we should have now is a Michael McIntyre film to complete the Trilogy of No Laughs.

  4. Ive only seen the TV show, as a 35 year old male I can find it funny but I realise its got that real stigma of being a little self satisfied with itself since its a cast that are all the family of the main guy so they spend a lot of time corpsing at each other and the audience consists of older woman who are usually house wives, film versions of TV sitcoms rarely go well though when you have to change from sustaining a half hour idea to over an hour. Britain had a glut of sitcom movies in the 70's and 80's and none did well.

  5. I don't see the appeal in Mrs Brown's boys, it's terrible, I've tried giving a chance ( twice as a matter of fact, because I'm nice like that) and I just find it painful

  6. The TV series overall is pretty good, and it can be really funny but sadly the quality of the series Isn’t consistent. Some 
    episodes are funnier than others but then, when it a show only has one writer then it going to be difficult to maintain a
     certain level of laughs. That said David Renwick managed to maintain (with the odd exception) a general level of brilliance 
    with “One Foot in the Grave” as did John Sullivan with “Only Fools and Horses”. In the end O’ Caroll is a decent enough 
    comedy writer and has moments of brilliance but he’s just not a brilliant writer!

  7. am a fan of Mrs browns boys and I have watch it this week I found it unfunny but the only thing I like was the songs I give it 1/10  

  8. You know we have programming with sign language overlaid, so that deaf people can watch too? Perhaps we could implement a similar thing for Mrs Brown programmes, but totally the opposite? Maybe we could overdub the sounds of genocide being committed, or superimpose imagery of decomposing corpses or something, just to make Mrs Brown more palatable for normal people. Just a thought.

  9. Jesus… Its one of the best Movies ever! So shut up and stop hating… Go watch fecking fair city if ye can't stand it 

  10. For people who don't like Mrs browns boys there seems a hell of a lot of people on here
    Who have a point of view but then seem to have never seen it   I love Mrs browns boys because it
    Very non PC plus Mr kemode should stick to watching some boring French or Italian film that he loves so much there are a lot of comedy's that I don't comment on because they may not be my cup if tea
    But I wouldn't comment if I haven't seen a particular comedy unlike some on here are doing 

  11. For anyone who hasn't experienced the soul destroying horror that is Mrs Brown's Boys, I envy you. It's literally the worst sitcom ever made and I feel deep shame as a British person that it airs on our BBC.
    I usually hate everything Simon Mayo says but in this case he's right, revolting doesn't come close to describing this filth.

  12. I think that if your characters or show run out of gas if it goes over 30 minutes, then maybe it's time to re-think doing a 90-minute movie of it. Basically, don't treat a movie adaptation of a tv sitcom like an extended episode of it. 

    This is why I think that Monty Python is the best movie adaptation of a tv comedy. My preference is Holy Grail just a whisker above Life of Brian, but that's just me. 

    The reason is, not to teach people how to suck eggs- 

    Monty Python was just a sketch show with a silly sense of humour. There were lots of now-memorable sketches, but no over-arching narrative or plot, so for the movie, what do they do? 

    They treat it like a proper movie, and not a tv episode. Yes, Holy Grail has the same silly sense of humour that the show did, but there is some semblance of a unique plot and narrative. We have King Arthur, and we have his Knights of the Round Table, and they made a narrative, although it's been done before, that they go around the land and look for the Holy Grail. It may seem like it goes from set piece to set piece, but it they actually follow each other, for the most part- it isn't all non-sequituirs. 

    That's what I think the hidden genius of Monty Python's movies were. Or, maybe if you didn't like them, I still think the point may remain that the Pythons understood to treat their movies like they were movies (of course, Terry Gilliam being part of the team and a director helped). 

  13. This review would have been funnier if Mark told Simon he liked the movie just to screw with him.

  14. I`ll watch this when the time is right. That is when my brain has turned to mush and I`m sat dribbling in my wheelchair in a care home.

    Regression in comedy should be reserved for regression in the mind.

  15. Wow,can't say anything else but i wanna see nrs browns boys. Can't wait. No one has really said anything intellectual here. I love the tv show,just hope that the movie as good. None of these comments have put me off..@+media minded

  16. Awful show. Awful film. The whole point of it seems to be Let's laugh at the funny accent. Revolting.

  17. There's one thing that he's wrong about: the Keith Lemon movie is better than this, and by some distance. This film is so unfunny it's offensive, because the total lack of any effort put into it is surely an insult to its audience. Even the least demanding deserve better than this drivel. Or perhaps they've only got themselves to blame that they've never seen Monty Python's Flying Circus or Fawlty Towers before. Easily the worst film I've seen of the very many films I've sat through over the last two years.

  18. Mrs brown boy's D movie is telling a story and that why it not as funny as the TV show. As for people like depend on the sense of humar. 

  19. I am from Ireland and I'm a Mrs Brown's boys fan I think the tv series is really funny and good but the movie was more sad then funny

  20. I didnt think he seemed all that charmin on the graham norton show, he seemed like if he had been around in the 70s he'd definitely be being investigated for being a sexual predator now a days

  21. I'm pleased to hear Simon actively dislike something that the BBC has churned out – I didn't think that was his style. 

  22. My parents love Mrs Brown, I don't. Not exactly right up there in the premier league with Black Books and The IT Crowd, more like second division comedy for people easily amused by a man wearing drag.

  23. The show can be very funny if you take it for what it is – its far from high brow but they do it very well. I did think they would struggle making a movie out of it tho as i couldnt see it translating and i think that s the problem. These shows rely so much on an audience reaction (imagine watching a filmed pantomine with no audience-its just not going to work) The laughter of the studio audience makes a big difference in shows like these.

  24. Brendan O'Carroll is an embarrassment to me as an Irish person. My dog doesn't NOT laugh at his comedy because she's a dog, but because she's way too intelligent for it. I'm convinced of it.

  25. I'm English and enjoy the show and find the humour in it really funny and I have seen this movie in cinemas twice in 5 days and both times I've been the whole cinema were laughing all the time throughout this film and I laughed a lot even though I'd already seen it… I do think it wasn't as funny as some of the shows but still a really good film it's not super hi tech or Hollywood that's the whole feckin point we should be supporting British movies like this and it love Keith lemon but agree the film was awful but this is much better and is really popular as it should be so all you haters shut your face because why spread negativity from a honest GOOD and FUNNY film … Rant over just leave mrs browns boys alone you miserable bastards! 

  26. irish people will find this funny but everybody else will not trust im irish and i love the show

  27. "I don't pay tax. I changed me name to google" I found that hilarious. There is one laugh at least just from that clip.

  28. What a fecking surprise! Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie is a film for fecking eejits!

    Translation – it's rubbish. Just like the rubbish TV series. 

  29. I know that this is a dated and otherwise unrelated topic to Mr Kermode's review of an undoubtedly terrible movie, but i doubt i will get any responses due to the age of the review I'm about to talk about. I've just watched Transcendence. What Mark saw in the film I have absolutely no idea, how he was so enthusiastic about it and was critical, indifferent if I'm being optimistic, to Her baffles me. It's making Mark lose his credibility in my opinion. I'm not alone in that, I've read previous recent comment sections on Mark's reviews that have raised fairly valid criticisms. I'm a big fan of the doctor, have been for a long time. But transcendence>her COME ON

  30. Completely sympathise with Mayo's overall view of the show; it is utterly and undeniably revolting.

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