Marvel Find Civil War Captain The usa Motion picture Toy Action Determine Review

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44 thoughts on “Marvel Find Civil War Captain The usa Motion picture Toy Action Determine Review

  1. marvel select always better than marvel legends yes marvel legends has articulation but MS STILL BETTER

  2. I got my third Captain America at Comic con yesterday cause they other two were stiff. One from the early 2000s and one from 2015.
    And it is so perfect to ME!

  3. It doesn't matter how much articulation a figure has if it looks like a happy meal toy, I wish Marvel Legends fanboys would realize that and stop supporting the problem. This figures legs are a problem, but the rest of it is incredible, it's probably the only good domestic MCU Captain America we've ever got, and it's the ONLY one that looks like Chris Evans. Sucks that Shartimus got one with bad paint, but it's not like Legends is plagued with bad paint or anything. Especially considering how little paint Legends figures have already.

  4. I can´t tell if the "I´m so sorry" part is sarcasm or comedic relief, but still, it was coming.
    I love the shield and costume's details.

  5. Yeah, what I do is pop the hand out and then slide the shield on the arm. This will keep the shield on place.

  6. Shartimus, u gotta be kidding me! U give average Legends figures such gr8 reviews but always seem conservative when reviewing really good looking Select figures. Keep ur preferences aside man, a good figure is a good figure. Whether u add it to your collection or not is a different matter.

  7. I actually suggested to them like a bunch of yimes to make a little piexe to attach the shield in his back and they didn't even considered. I was also very worried about the articulation andt it looks like they are moving back instead of forward in terms of articulation. Using single joined elbow and a bicep swivel wiuldt be much better. those saluting hands without double joined elbows are useless. specially if they cannot hold the shield. Another fear that I had. those legs. OMG. Why put sculpt that would prevent the articulation and serve no purpose at all? Big time let down Cap by DST? Maybe. I am very disappointed.

  8. Hey shartimus witch capitan america civil war figure do you like more the sh figuarts or the marvel legends

  9. Dang I was hoping for a stopmotion with big time but u were to do a stopmotion with him what would u have done?

  10. great review dude. you're my inspiration hahah! I really wish he had more articulation in hs legs and some way to hang his shield on his back. i really like the overall sculpt and paint job tho.

  11. I have the Marvel Select AoU Hulk and he's pretty cool, but otherwise I don't care for the Select figures. This review pretty much illustrates why. From a distance they look cool, but up close they're sloppy. Plus they're too damn tall.

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