Mice and Mystics Downwood Tales Review – with the Boardgame Corner

The men from Boardgame Corner just take a glance at the most recent expansion for Mice and Mystics

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17 thoughts on “Mice and Mystics Downwood Tales Review – with the Boardgame Corner

  1. I was going to buy the original game but it's pretty hard to find in stock, the ones I do find in stock are like 200 bucks for some reason. Idk I may just pick up this expansion instead.

  2. I finally went to your Web site and saw this review. I missed it the first time around. I never got my hands on a copy of Mice & Mystics and this review made me sad that it got by me. Maybe I can still intrigue my game group enough with it to try and find a copy somehow. They love anything with expansion material.  Another great review!

  3. I ordered the base game the other day to play with my ol'lady. Assuming we like it, I'll buy this one sooner then later. She liked the Dnd games because they were co-op. She didn't like Descent 2nd because we played against each other. She also found the rules to be a little too much in descent.

    I'm thinking this one will be a good in between. It has the Co-op play she likes, along with the more advanced rules that I like (compared to Dnd board games). I'm not sure how I feel about the story aspect, but, I know she'll love it.

    I'm also going to paint these suckers up. Just got into mini painting. After I finish my first set "Zombicide" (Zombies are a good spot to start mini painting), I'm going to give the base game of mice a good painting. 

    Can't wait. 

  4. Just picked up the original. My wife who never plays a game with more than two pages of rules, loved it. Once we finish this. We'll definitely be picking up this one.

  5. a quick question. this picks up the story with the original characters as well? or there are only the 3 new characters involved in the story? please no spoilers :D

  6. I wish it had a dungeon master or game master variant always included… not necessarily an antagonist, more like options you can chose and tests you can setup and you moving the monsters. So that it is… not that lame AI :(.
    The components and story are great but well,… gave it away :/.

  7. Thanks guys, great review as always. I have been waiting for a review of this one for quite some time….even though it was already a must buy hehe. 

  8. I have a question: If I pick up Mice and Mystics with the expansions, do the characters that come with the expansions work within the core game or no?

  9. I wasn't planning on getting this as my family has not finished even the first one yet.  We have the Heart of Glorm to play through as well.  HOWEVER, seeing what's in the box and how they seemed to have improved everything (including difficulty), I think I'm going to pick this up.  It looks really great, thanks for the review.

  10. loved the original. but want to get more out of it before jumping to any expansions (one thing is for certain is there is a LOT of longevity with the Mice n Mystics games)

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