Microsoft Kinect Review

(Gameplay Footage Rendering At The Moment!)

38 thoughts on “Microsoft Kinect Review

  1. I like ya outfit , very "link'
    I play kinect in a huge dark room … it makes a huuuuge difference.
    Im getting fit as playing kinect…all my muscles hurt.
    Im also playing games with my girl, she never played games before.
    she also beat me at bowling , shes never beatin me at a game before.
    I played with some friends last night .. we played kinect sports for hours and had a ball.
    the 3 games to get are dance central, sonic free riders , kinect sports.
    nice review , cool outfit;)

  2. Great reviews storm didn't know they had some of the kinect games playable online to i'm hopeing to get the new xbox360 with kinect for christmas and when i get kinect sports i'll take you on in bowling lol! and i wanna win 2000 wii points!!!

  3. Great video :D!!!!! an amzazzzzzing reviewwwwwww 🙂
    I wanna win the 4000 Microsoft Points 🙂 😀 ~~~~~~~~~

  4. Hello you where talking about getting the TV attachment which is a little pricy at $40 dollars I would highly recommend the WALL attachment. which is only $15 and will get more space and you can maximize the hight close to 6 ft.

  5. another great video strom kinect is tight cannot wait till next week till i get my xbox so happy great reveiw keep up the good work i will get the kinect it so cool have not hear much about psmove {xbox points]

  6. "I Want To Win Microsoft Points" Nice Review and Impressions on Kinect and the Games I'm Loving Dance Central Too it's Amazing… I think I'll pick up Kinect Sports Next Month because I got other stuff to get before I spend a £40 Game XD but Im Plez to be part of the Kinect Club =P lolz Good Video "Liked"

  7. Yeah, I heard everyone had that problem with Kinect Adventures where you have to calibrate it every time, doesnt make sense that they would make it like that.

    I want to win the Microsoft Points.

  8. Yes, it DOES suck that I can't afford Kinect right now with my current budget! I WANNA WIN THE MICROSOFT POINTS CARD.

  9. Hey Storm nice video. I have been thinking about getting this and your video sealed the deal on me getting it. I would probably get Kinect Sports with it.

    I wanna win the xbox points.

  10. I want to win the xbox live points! It is so hard to get points here in Korea so hell I would even do something more just to get those!

  11. Great video. This is really the first impressions I have seen for the Kinect system. Great job!
    I wanna win the Wii point! Yay!!!

  12. Look forward to the gameplay footage of you playing Kinect at home..

    I want to win the 4000 Microsoft Points ^_^ Oh yummy.

  13. @StephsTooDef Lol, I wish. However I dont have that laying around my house. lol!! if I did Its all yours.. =D

    Of course I am up for some gaming this weekend… Just let me know the time and date, and I will do my best to be there. I really wish though that Dance Central was online.. that would have been so perfect!

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