Miles Forward Film CLIP – Fill in the Blanks (2015) – Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor Drama Film High definition

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Miles Forward Film CLIP – Fill in the Blanks (2015) – Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor Drama Film High definition

An exploration of the daily life and tunes of Miles Davis (Don Cheadle).

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23 thoughts on “Miles Forward Film CLIP – Fill in the Blanks (2015) – Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor Drama Film High definition

  1. Hey, I've got an idea. Let's make a movie examining the life
    of one of the most influential musicians of the last century but let's limit
    the scope of the film to lowest point of his life. Okay, we can mention his past
    a bit but no need to depict a career that spanned nearly 50 years. We can show
    him as a burned out has been. A car chase, guns and drugs should work great to
    depict the essence of this man for posterity. We don't need to mention the fact
    that his come-back alone out-shone the full careers of many of his
    contemporaries. I'm not saying Miles should have been depicted as a flawless
    choir-boy but this is an insult to his memory. Don Cheadle should be ashamed.

  2. WTF? What is this? WTF? I read his book in 1992. None of this gangster criminal wannabe conduct was in the book. This is disappointing. I heard Don Cheadle today in an NPR interview talking about this film that he wrote,directed, and acted. He said he needed a white actor in a leading role to secure financing to make the movie. This seems to gone a few steps further to ward making this film entertaining for white people. Mr Cheadle must know his craft, of entertaining the broadest audience for the biggest payback, but what I saw here leans toward being offensive. This is the equivalent of a modern day horror film genre, with black men as the scary monsters. This is shameful that you have taken Miles story and portrayed him as a violent criminal,l for the sake of building an entertaining story that can help your investors to earn money.

  3. Wentworth Miller, Vin Diesel or Shemar Moore should have played the role of Miles Davis. I strongly believe that any of those actors would have been a perfect fit. Slash would be amazing if he had some acting chops of his own

  4. I can undarstand the desire to make Miles music prominent in this movie, but NOT to the extent it drounds out the dialogue, fer crepes sake, espticularly with Cheadle mimicking the Davis raspy whispery voice. Some audio guy shoulda autoducked the background when he was spoking, or boosted the track with his dialogue.

  5. Arguably some of the salient underpinnings to Miles playing was the sound, space, intelligence and lack of sentimentality. All those things could be found as well in his speech and speaking pattern. It could be said this combination made him the hippest man to make a musical statement since Lester Young,
    I hope this clip is not representational of the whole movie. Mr. Cheadle rushes his speech and does not give the words time to breath. Miles pushed the tempo with Herbie etc, otherwise I don't believe he rushed nothing. Looking forward to the movie.

  6. I have been digging Miles' albums but no results. what is the name of the song playing at the background?

  7. Hey, Don financed this film through his own dime and crowd funding. You wanna see it, go knock on his door, and give him twenty. Bring your own.

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