Minecraft (Xbox 360) – STAR WARS Skin PACK! – Complete SHOWCASE + 1st Perception!

Hey Men! Nowadays i will be Showcasing a model new Star Wars Vintage Skin Pack for Minecraft Xbox.This is my 1st Impressions and 1st time viewing the Skins i hope you appreciate ­čÖé

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Map Maker – https://www.youtube.com/person/Hypixel
Converted By – https://www.youtube.com/person/yourminecraftmaps
Obtain – http://mcdn360.com/star-wars-hg-obtain/

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46 thoughts on “Minecraft (Xbox 360) – STAR WARS Skin PACK! – Complete SHOWCASE + 1st Perception!

  1. I heard a little bit of Terroriser's Terminator voice in his Yoda impression. I almost died ???´╗┐

  2. hi my name is Dalton and could you give me the texture pack and the skin texture pack and the map an if you don't that's fine so can yo please and I also got a Xbox 360 so if you can do that thanks.´╗┐

  3. if you can't pronounce the names proporly don't make the video! do some research first or it comes out crappy… you angered all the star wars fans i mean seriously half the names are so easy a toddler could pronounce them! Next time do research so the video comes out like you cared AT ALL about the content.´╗┐

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  5. I get why you can't pronounce the Star Wars characters' names but, empirior? These words are actual words from out of the Star Wars universe´╗┐

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