Mini Android Personal computer MK808 – XboX 360 Wireless – Total Video games

Verify my other folks evaluations with images and video clip:

Mini Android Personal computer MK808 With Jelly Bean Android 4.1.1

Antutu Score: 9852

Firmware 1,5a = 1.6Ghz


Resolution Rochip RK 3066, CORTEX-A9
OS Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
Display HDMI OUTPUT(Tv set)
Flash 8GB Nand Flash
WIFI 802.11B/G/N
two.4G Aid two.4Ghz wi-fi remote keyboard and mouse
Really hard Disk Aid SD Card: 1GB-32GB Really hard Disk: 1GB ~ 5TB
I/ Port USB2. host X 1
OTG micro USBX1

If you nevertheless have troubles with the Joy 360 check out this site for the resolution:

50 thoughts on “Mini Android Personal computer MK808 – XboX 360 Wireless – Total Video games

  1. You dont need any of those App.
    You need only the Finless ROM and 360 controller with the Usb receiver.
    If you still have troubles watch the link in the description.

  2. hoow to get the xbox controller to work in games.. have the wireless receiver conneted up. and the joy2touch server 4, usb/bt joystick server 7' and flashed my rom to finless bob 1.7.. when i set it up the touch server does not work..and when i select an edit button on my controller.. it also does not work ingame. example dead trigger. how do i set it up further thanks in advance..

  3. i have all of the equipment to do this with the MK808. i can set this up on my tablet but not on my MK808 as the touch server does not work ofcourse. how did you manage to get it all working?

  4. Please, could you tell us exactly where did you buy the wireless receiver? Because I bought one receiver in ebay but it doesn't work for me with finless 1.7c (It should but not works).

  5. ok gracias Beto estamos igual logro instalar el juego pero no me pasa de la pantalla de login yo tengo un teclado inalambrico y control de xbox360 de cable… si logras resolverlo me ayudas de igual manera si yo logro resolverlo te informo por aca ok.

  6. Si, tienes que intentar varias veces . Pero igual hay un tema que es que no acepta el click del mouse ni el joysticks, estoy buscando una aplicación para ver en remoto al mk808 o algo que mapee botones a zonas específicas.. No lo resolví todavía.

  7. BEto has podido entrar al Shadowgun es que me pasa lo mismo teno el mk808 y no me pasa de la pantalla de login. si me puedes ayudar te lo agradeceria. gracias bro

  8. I have the Imito Mx2 now and it works with that so I'd bet it does.
    They have the same specs but mx2 has bluetooth

  9. te funciona el shadowgun deadzone? a mi me llega hasta la pantalla de logueo pero no pasa, como que no me acepta el click.

  10. Las podes pasar o ver de varias maneras, 1 .conectando un pendrive 2.disco externo o 3.por RED con un adaptador usb a RJ45.

  11. I just bought exactly this one you have from eBay some hours ago.
    Where can I find the firmware and How can I install it?
    Thank'ou Very Much for help!


  13. You need the firmware Finless 1.5a or the new one 1.6. I have de 1.5a and not all the games work with the Joy.

  14. Do I need an aditional setup to get the games working like this? or just conect the XBOX360 COntroller?


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