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Minor Inferno iOS iPad Gameplay Assessment.
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Approximate Set up Measurement – 109 MB

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25 thoughts on “Minor Inferno iOS iPad Gameplay Assessment – AppSpy.com

  1. Just wanted to note that even though in the AppStore it says its compatible with Iphone 4. It currently is not so I pretty much paid 5 dollars for a game I can't play. Hopefully there will be an update to make it compatible.

  2. Actually I fully understand. And just because I mentioned that it seems pointless, doesn't mean that I require conflict for a game to be enjoyable. One of my favourite apps is Fingerpaint Magic where I can doodle mindlessly and relaxingly for long periods of time, creating beautiful vortices of colour, but the app was free so I didn't have to fork out £3.00 to achieve that sense of satisfaction :)

  3. Then you don't understand the simple joy of a game that requires no conflict. The gameplay is soothing and zen-like, and the story plays with the idea in clever ways. I've paid more for cups of coffee I've enjoyed far less than this game :)

  4. I don't get it. This game seems like the hoax of the century. I just can't justify paying £3 for something that seems so simplistic and pointless.

  5. ironicly i just came across this in appsfire. i just wasn't sure what it even was, still not really sure. but i have a love for fire i find it pretty and artistic. but it's not a freemium, 5$ is what i'm seeing. kinda pricey for an ios app. kinda not seeing what is worth 5$ here.

  6. My bad, I was up late last night and this was the last thing I did before bed. SOOOOOO TIRED :S

  7. I've been planning on wanting to get this, but sadly, I'm not a Steam member and I don't have a Wii U. Thank you 2D Boy for finally bringing this to iOS!!

  8. in your last video (the friday news wrap up) you're saying that this game is for IPAD only, but in the video the title says "iphone gameplay" ?? :D

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