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Bouse 10/10
It’s Over NINE 9.1-9.5/10
Slow Fap 9/10
Holy Sweet Tits 8/10
Not Bad Dot Jpeg 6-7/10
Wait For It On Netflix 5-6/10
Bargin Bin 4/10
Bad Life Choice 2-3/10
Shit The Bed 1/10
Fail 0/10

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17 thoughts on “Movie Reviews: My Patreon Page – MaximusBlack

  1. Just thinking out loud here, but can you link up rewards on your patreon with free stuff from your sponsors? Like let's say a voucher from G2A (do they even have vouchers?) whenever someone donates?

  2. What about throwing in a bouse pad with a donation of like 50 bucks.. It would see your mouse pads and be a great prize…

  3. When you sign up to put ads on your videos don't you sign a contract saying you can't share your revenue?

  4. Glad that you say several times it is not necessary because we know you well enough to know you'd go to the movies anyhow ūüėõ . Sounded like another "Yogsdiscovery" kind of thing at first which had me worried.

  5. Shame I can't really become a Patreon so instead, I'll just whore my finger out with likes and shares to support you sir. 

  6. +MaximusBlack 
    I think if someone is Bouse enough to give you $100 a month, you do a verbal shout out to not only them, but also plug their Youtube channel/facebook/twitter/etc. (one of those, not all). As well as links to their channel in the description. Name in credits. Free subscription to your twitch stream. Also they get a Bouse Crate full of goodies from you every other month. (Like Loot Crate, with geek and gamer goodies). 

    $50 a month patrons get name in credits and free subscription to your twitch stream. 

    $20 a month patrons get free subscription to your twitch stream.

  7. Good idea on the patreon.. You're worth it to Jeff.  Alot of this might look like you just are trying to justify yourself asking for help.. but honestly Bousemaster, you have no need.  Just knowing you're going to give more back as we continue to help is enough.  Take care!

  8. I personally can't afford to support Jeff anymore as a subscriber to his twitch. But, nobody should hate on his Patreon page. Jeff is not going to FORCE me to pay him money, he will be happy enough by seeing more likes, and to see his fans give back in any way they can. Even just watching the videos. He deserves it. 

  9. Here's a thumbs up for you man, because i like your style, it is raw, unconventional and fresh. Especially the Ouija one, though i am still going to watch it though, even if i knew from all the reviews i've seen and read, it suck balls. lol

  10. The page will be updating! I'll let you guys know when major changes have been made. Once again please leave comments for ideas for rewards. I just want to make it practical.

    Stay Bouse

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