MovieBob Critiques: X-Guys APOCALYPSE

It really is time to allow the X-Guys franchise go, people.

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  1. I still think X2 is a good film and I liked Days of Future of Past and if I rated the X-Men films I'd go First Class, Deadpool, and either place Days of Future Past or X2 as three given how I feel that day given I really like both of those films and go day by day deciding which I like better.

  2. I didn't care for the part where Magneto commits an act of genocide greater than all others before combined, but we're asked to forgive that since he helped his rich white person friend rebuild his rich white person mansion.

  3. How does Superman 1978 hold up? Everything is so dated and Lex is only doing bad stuff because he wants real estate, seriously??? Let's not forget that superman floods a town when he turns back time just to save Lois Lane…

  4. I agree with all this. I dont have as much patience as you do to explain whats wrong with these films but the Wolverine movies made me laugh so hard. They were movies I wouldnt even of rented in the 80's.

  5. This is the sequel to First Class I was expecting, so I liked this movie more than Days of Future Past. That being said… being better than a movie I hated is good for a rewatch but doesn't really say anything spectacular. I rewatch all the X-Men movies, yes even Last Stand and X-Men Origins. The only one I won't rewatch is Days of Future Past.

  6. u know what annoys me about movies where someone has super speed. they NEVER do anything cool with it. it is used mostly as a blur when the character moves 2 meters and the character actually moves in real time meaning you could do the same distance as fast without this super speed bullshit but they still decide to use the "super speed" for no point what so ever other than just to show that the character can do it. Flash is damn good example of when super speed is done right. I cant wait till they make live action movie of him and fuck it up so ass annihilatingly shitty.

  7. Marvel should offer shared custody of the franchise and reboot it off of the Deadpool continuity, that way and major changes can be chalked up to Deadpool breaking the fourth wall in the first film & only ever seeing two of the X-men. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is awesome, but even I'm tried of stories centered around the Canadian Berserker…And I'm Canadian!

  8. First Class is garbage, so amazingly disloyal to source material its Barakapool, don't tell me its good your better than that.

  9. Not to mention even Fassbender having some dodgy scenes. His scene in the forest was particularly cringe-worthy (is this all I am?), which you don't really expect from him.

  10. First class is actually a very bad movie, it's just Xavier and Magneto have such great chemistry you forget everything else in the film is terrible.

  11. what's up with the mcu vs xcu wank in the comments. you know you can like both fox and marvel movies, right? it's literally not a competition christ.

    Also the movie wasn't /that/ bad jesus you guys are great at over exaggeration.

  12. DOFP is good though? The focus is the much more interesting Magneto v Charles plot and Wolverine takes a back seat. The best characters get the most screen time. The Mystique plot is kinda dumb- but giving Mags and ProfX a mutual friend to fight over is good idea handled poorly.

  13. I finally saw X6 Apocalypse and I liked it. Except for Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique, every other actor plays their role very well (I loved Oscar Issac's Apoclypse). It really helps this movie that Wolverine isn't the main character and they can focus on others. The big problem is that this movie plays it safe. There are no major shake-ups like First Class & DoFP did.

  14. Bob's way too harsh on the first 2 X men films, they were and still are great.
    The Wolverine is a good film too.l

  15. I just saw this movie. I thought it was good and I also think it's better than that X-man movie you made MovieBob… oh wait.

  16. Taking time.  That is the problem most of the other Super Hero movies are having they want to have reached The Avengers level of teams without having gone through a few Iron Man, a few Thor, and Captain America films.  For better or worse X-Men has to start over again.   Sadly they already did start over and screwed it up, so now comes that hard part of a decade of this shlock until they really totally fail.  Only them will they feel free to actually start over…sadly that will probably means not slowing down because they will feel even further behind and will be even less willing to build something.

  17. Can we get past the

    – Magneto is so misunderstood and Xavier's friendbro
    – Wolverine is so kewl
    – Mutants are an oppressed minority

    …Plots? I'm done with X-men. I saw the first couple and the rest is pretty much remakes of them. I mean, we got sentinels in the last one for all of 3 minutes. That could have been an awesome plot in itself.

  18. While I agree that the Wolverine Publicity (T) is pretty stupid, it DOES effect the meta plot in a more tangential way than the rest of the movie (Xavier being bald); The end of Days of Future Past had Wolverine captured, which limited where he could show up in future films. Now he's free and can show up wherever the director wants him. Also, they set up that they took blood samples, so we can expect a future appearance of X-23.

    Whether or not you consider those good things is another matter, of course.

  19. The Weapon X scene at least had SOME blood in it, better than The Wolverine and it's stupid motion blur covering the violence.

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